The Booty Slapping Championships

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This post comes with a special thanks to bodback, one of the contributors on my Let’s Talk Spanking Forum on  Here is a link to that forum if you want to check out what is going on there:

Booty Slapping Championships!!  It is a real thing!!  In Russia of all places; are you really surprised!!  Apparently it was already a big thing in the male side of things, for one guy to smack another guys ass as hard as he could with the intention to knock him off his feet or make him move out of position.  It is just recently that they have decided to start a female division of this sport.  Well, I personally can see the female version being far more popular then the male version.  And while the world at large may just find it super funny, and it is, we spankos will find it entertaining for a completely different reason.  I am including a link to the original article because you will definitely want to read this for yourself.  I was laughing almost the entire time I read it and there is even some videos of the event.  Super funny and wildly entertaining.  Would a sport like this ever come to North America, it is hard to say.  I bet it would be popular though.  It is this kind of thing that makes me believe that they are far more people curious about spanking to some degree than we might realize.  This type of sport is played more like a sorority paddling the new kids for initiation, but still entertaining none the less.

Anyways, here is the link to the original post:

Please don’t forget to come back here and leave your comments about what you think about such a sport!!

Quick update, it looks like the video no longer works. When I first saw the article, the video was still working, but it looks like they might have taken it down. The article with pictures is still there, and perhaps you can still find some videos of it with a quick Google search.

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