A Firm but Fair Upbringing

Posted by Jason Gilbert

I wanted to highlight a post from a blog that I pop over to from time to time.  The blog is called http://corporalpunishmentblog.com/ and offers an array of content.  Written by Michael Masterson, producer of the Real Spanking Network group of sites, his blog seems to focus more on corporal punishment in the real world, its impact on him growing up, and how it still may exist today.

The blog post I am focussing on today is an email that was sent to Michael regarding how this particular girl was punished growing up.  The blog is titled Punished at home with the Hairbrush…A True Spanking Account!!  I am titling the account as A Firm but Fair Upbringing as I think that accurately describes the kind of discipline this girl received growing up.  It wasn’t until she was 12 to 13 that she started receiving more traditional pants and panties down over the knee spankings, but they seem to have left quite an impact on her (pun intended…lol).  What I like from this account, is that, while the discipline seems on the more severe side, it was done with love and fairness and plenty of chances to correct her behavior.  It doesn’t sound like she received a single spanking that she didn’t deserve, and while the actual spankings may have been harsher than others were receiving at the time, she says that she only got spanked around 10 times between the ages of 12 to 18, averaging about one to two maximum a year.  This seems to me to be a good deterrent and effective discipline as the girl was actively avoiding things that were get her a spanking.  The spankings themselves were unpleasant to the point that she would not want one to happen again anytime soon.  There seems to be a lot of love on the behalf of the parents, where they wouldn’t make a big deal about it, carrying on through the day as if it was a normal day otherwise.  The worst part would have been the waiting, as a spanking was often announced in the morning, but not getting carried out until evening.  Waiting and worrying for a good 10 to 12 hours must have really added to the apprehension of getting a spanking, but probably also helped with not wanting to get one as often!!

I really like this true account of a girl getting spanked during her teen years.  It embodies a lot of what I like about the topic; firm, loving parents disciplining their daughter with hard over the knee hairbrush spankings in a controlled manner.  It was effective and seems to have left a lasting impression on the young lady.  She doesn’t seem to harbor any resentment towards her parents and just accepts that it was a part of growing up for her.

I hope that you enjoyed my reflections on this blog post.  Here is the original post for you to browse for yourself:


I am also including an audio version of the story.  This one is not read by me.  Instead I decided to use a Voice Aloud Reader with a female voice for this one.  I just like listening to an audio version of these true accounts.  Not as good as the My Worst Spanking audios, which I have previously shared, but still a nice way to enjoy this.  So you have options as to how you want to enjoy this true account.  I do encourage you to check out the Corporal Punishment Blog as it is very good and has many good articles in it!!

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  1. GREAT post! I would love to listen to the audio but the link isn’t working (and I have been able to listen to your other audios). Please let me know if you re-upload it 🙂


      1. Who knows, maybe it is just my computer? I will be curious to learn if anyone else has problems. Thank you for sending it to me via email! 🙂 XOXO


  2. Did the file I sent to you work okay? It was the exact file that I uploaded to the site, so I have no idea why it wouldn’t work here. Computers!! Great when they do what they are supposed to, but they can be a nightmare when they don’t!! Hope you are able to listen to the audio file I sent you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Sorry, as you didn’t reply directly to my message above, I didn’t get an alert that you had made a comment to me here. Computers are strange. I can listen to the recording on my phone, but not on my computer (and I have listened to previous recording from you on my computer). Technology is so frustrating sometimes!


      1. I agree technology is very frustrating sometimes!! Glad you at least got it to work on your phone though. I don’t understand technology enough to know why things go wrong or don’t work sometimes. I bought an audio spanking story from Elizabeth Burns and the file didn’t work. We went back and forth for a few weeks before she could finally get me a file that would work. I had purchsed other audio stories from her before that and had no trouble, but for some reason this particular story would not work for me. Eventually she did get me a file that worked and it was a really good story featuring a femald employee in her twenties that gets a spanking from her boss. It was worth the wait in the end!!

        Also, my brother works in tech support, so he knows computers much better than I do and even he will often say “computers suck”!! To be fair, technology can be greatvand make our lives easier in ways we can’t even imagine, but when it doesn’t work it can just be so frustrating!!

        Glad that you were able to find a way to listen to the audio!!

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