Spanking Video Highlight – Angel Spanked for Spending too much again!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight.  Today’s video highlight comes courtesy of Real Life Spankings.  This is and still remains one of my favorite spanking sites!!  Pretty girls, stern disciplinarian, and lots of great spanking action all make for one of the best spanking sites out there, in my opinion.  When I first browsed over this site, before becoming a subscriber, I have to admit that Angel really caught my eye.  She is very pretty, in a bratty girl next door kind of way.  She proved she can take a hard spanking and does in several videos on the website.  I do truly believe that at least some of the videos were shot of real discipline sessions for real reasons.  It is always hard to know whether we are witnessing a real discipline session for real reasons or a made up role play.  I do think that some of the more exaggerated scenarios are still more of a role play.  That being said, I do believe that some of the scenes are of real discipline for real reasons.  Now, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter as long as the spanking action is good, but there are times that it is nice to believe that we are getting a peak into a genuine discipline session.

The video that I am highlighting today is one such video.  It is my belief that this is a real discipline session where Angel was punished for real reasons in her life.  I actually believe that this was a repeat offense where Angel was wanting help with getting her spending habits in order.  She obviously didn’t do very well as she is back for this video.  One of the things that makes me believe that this was discipline for real reasons is the reactions from Angel.  In this video Angel outright cries very real tears, not exaggerated or fake but real tears.  Having watching many of the videos with Angel on Real Life Spankings, I can say that she doesn’t cry in each and every video.  Oh, she will say “Ouch” and “Ow” and the like, but crying seems to be reserved for the real offenses.  This is of course my opinion as to the reason that Angel only cries in certain videos.  But it has been my observation that it is necessarily just the intensity of the spanking that brings about this response, but rather her emotional state as to the reason she is being punished.  I know this is only a theory, but it is what I am going with!!

This is by no means a brutal spanking in this video, but a very real hard hand spanking, given over pants, then underwear, then bare bottom.  Angel seems genuinely scared to be getting another spanking from Mike, and seems very remorseful once it begins.  It is a hard spanking leaving her bottom red and sore looking, but not bruised or truly beaten.  These are actually my favorite kind of spanking videos!!  A good hard over the knee hand spanking that brings about tears and true remorse, but is not overly harsh.  I like how Mike seems like a very down to earth kind of guy!!  I am sure the models enjoy working with him as he seems like both a firm man, but also a genuine kind person that the girls can be open with.  They may get their bottoms spanked pretty hard at times, but there seems to be a genuine caring behind the discipline!!

This is another one of my favorite spanking videos and I am happy to share it with all of you!!  If you enjoy hard over the knee spanking action and have never subscribed to Real Life Spankings before, then I definitely encourage you to give them a try!!  I don’t think you will be disappointed!!

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  1. Angel is one of my favorite spanking models! I agree that her tears appear VERY genuine in some of her videos. And I like the way Mike administers discipline. He is stern, yet loving….very paternal…in many of the videos I have seen him in. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. It is a pleasure to share some of my favorite spanking videos with you. Obviously we share an interest for the same kinds of spanking videos. Like you, I like that Mike seems stern but fair and knows how much is appropriate to fit the crime. I have seen videos where he has stopped after a much shorter spanking as it seems like that model may be in some real distress; so while he will spank the models quite hard at times, he also seems to know how to respect limits and that is why I enjoy watching his videos. It is often very telling if a model comes back many times and appears in many videos. At that point it is more then just collecting a paycheck (paycheque…lol, that is how we spell it in Canada), and more because they genuinely like working with the producer.

      Mike is probably one of my favorite male disciplinarians in the scene. He is stern and can give a very hard spanking, but he seems to really care about the models and wants to help them. Again, I do believe that at least some of the videos on Real Life Spankings are for real reasons and that makes it even more fun to watch!! I completely buy young girls overspending, for instance as in this video. Or in other videos they get punished for poor driving habits, drinking when they shouldn’t be, not studying hard enough for tests and doing poorly in school as a result. These are all very real reasons and things I can totally see young ladies doing and getting in trouble for. I give them credit for seeking out a professional disciplinarian to help them with these problems!! Many of them may have had an interest in spanking before coming to see Mike, but I bet they weren’t prepared for just how much a spanking really hurts!!

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      1. I had to smile at what you wrote…”I bet they weren’t prepared for just how much a spanking really hurts!!”. To this day, I am STILL surprised each and every time at just how much it hurts to be spanked soundly. Spanking is something that I fantasize so much…but as soon as it starts, I am ready for it to be over! LOL. That may sound funny but I am definitely NOT a masochist. I love the idea of spanking, but actually getting one puts me in a very submissive, obedient state of mind.

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  2. I can totally understand what you are saying Nora!! While I don’t have the spanking experience that you do, the one adult spanking experience I did have at the hands of a dominatrix was very surprising!! Maybe I should share that experience on here at some point, although I assume most of my readers prefer to read about girls getting spanked and that is what I honestly prefer to write about. That being said, I do feel it is only fair to share about my one experience with being spanked as an adult!! Very briefly what I will say about it here in regards to your comment as to how much a spanking hurts, I have to full heartedly agree with you. Now, I got maybe around a hundred to a hundred and fifty swats with mostly hand and some with the hairbrush that I picked out. The hairbrush was my own decision. She told me to choose a couple of implements off the wall and I chose a couple of different hairbrushes. I think, because I love watching hairbrush spanking videos, I wanted to experience, in a small part, what those girls experience. I found the whole experience to be far more painful then I expected and even wondered if I really even wanted it to ever happen again. At the time, I was curious about how much a spanking actually hurt, but no amount of watching videos could have prepared me for just how much it would hurt. An intense sting that can hardly be described, because wow oh wow does it ever sting. And then over time gives way to a burning feeling on top of that. And I fully admit the spanking I got was very mild compared to what some people get. It was actually good for a first adult spanking experience and I think that the woman spanking me did a good job and I was pretty red and sore for the rest of the day afterwards. Anyways, here I go giving you a full detailed account of my spanking experience. All I want to say was that I understand completely what you are saying that a spanking hurts much more than you realize. Watching videos and reading stories does not prepare you for how much it will hurt on your own bottom and like you I was ready for it to be over almost as soon as it had started!! Thanks for sharing!!


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