The Domestic Discipline Lifestyle – A video highlight

This is going to be a bit of a different blog post. Normally I highlight spanking videos that I personally enjoy. Today however, I want to highlight a video I came across on YouTube!! This is actually a completely kid-friendly video by the way as it does not feature any nudity, sex, or anything really inappropriate for children.

I want to give this couple huge credit to be able and willing to be so open about their domestic discipline relationship and to share it with everyone. Not that many people would be so willing to be so open about having this kind of relationship with a significant other as the world at large can often view this kind of relationship as abusive or controlling. But in this case, as in the case of many domestic discipline relationships, it is actual a very loving relationship that is concerned with rules to be followed and consequences when they are not. Ironically, it is often the woman that asks for this kind of relationship, with the man often being hesitant to do so. It isn’t natural for most guys that love their wives to punish them physically. For many guys, we have been brought up to treat women with respect and to never hit them, so it goes against what we would feel to be right. But in the confines of a domestic discipline relationship, I truly believe that spanking and consequences can be very good for a relationship. The couple in this video obviously feel that it is a good fit for them, but they also acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone. Their own kids seem to accept the relationship that there parents have with each other as perfectly normal, although it doesn’t sound like any of them would want it in their own future relationships.

I am very fascinated by this type of relationship and all the dynamics around it. I found this to be a very refreshing video about it, told in a very down to earth way that really makes sense. I fully acknowledge that this type of relationship isn’t right for everyone, but I am wondering more and more if it may be right for me. As a guy who identifies more as a submissive, my only real question is how to pursue it, safely. As any of you that have read all my posts know, I have already been scammed once by someone posing on one of those spanking dating sites, so I do feel a need to protect myself going forward. On the other hand, I still feel like this kind of relationship could be really good for me and I am starting to think that it what I really want. Thanks for tuning in again folks!! Please check out the YouTube video that I am talking about in this post, there is a link to it down below!! Look forward to your comments!!

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