Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day

This is just a quick message and a celebration of fathers and the father-like figures in our lives!!  For many of us, we have fond memories of our father’s, whether biological or just someone who acted as a father figure in our lives.  I truly believe that fathers are an important figure in our lives!!  I want to take a brief moment to acknowledge the people that either didn’t have fathers growing up, or they didn’t have good fathers.  Just because a man shares the same genes with you doesn’t instantly make them a father.  A real father is there to teach and to help you grow, to lift you up when you are down, to encourage you when you are sad, to celebrate your accomplishments, and to push for the best in you!!  Yes, sometimes it is up to a father to correct behavior and that can come in many forms.  Throughout history and even still today, it can often fall on the shoulders of fathers to be the head of the household and as the head of the household he is often the main one in charge of discipline.  And as much as children don’t enjoy being punished, we often respect our fathers much more if they actually follow through on their commitment to bring us up correctly and this includes discipline.  None of us ever enjoys being told off, being made to stand in the corner, write lines, have extra chores, or going over our dad’s knee for a sound spanking.

Now, as this is a spanking blog, I want to also recognize those that we may just call daddy, but they are not our biological dads nor someone that brought us up.  Often times these are boyfriends or husbands or significant others that to some degree are in charge.  This is often a consensual relationship where the man is in charge of the household and has rules that the wife must abide by and when she does not, she will be punished.  Let us take time to acknowledge those individuals as well as they are often a rock on which their wives can lean on.  While some may call their husband, Daddy at times, and others may not, either way he is the firm head of the household and holds his wife accountable to the rules of which they have agreed.  He acts as a sort of father, or authority figure in her life that she must be submissive to.

Above all, I just want us to acknowledge the father type figures in our lives today.  I want to celebrate them and encourage others to spend time with their fathers, or someone they consider like a father, today and appreciate them for who they are!!  I am glad to still have my dad in my life and I am going to make sure he knows it today and I hope that you will too!!

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