Believing the Unbelievable

If you are like me, you can often read things on the internet and quickly dismiss them as fiction.  And the cold hard reality is that there is a lot of fiction parading around as fact on the internet as a whole.  Even Wikipedia is made up from posts from people’s contributions, so can you really put your full trust in it?  Not really.  The fact is, we do have to take things with a grain of salt and not trust everything we read on the internet.  But what if some of the more seemingly outrageous stories had some basis in fact.  What I am talking about and how does it relate to the topic of spanking, please read on to find out.

We live inside our bubbles and only directly observe what goes on in our friend and family spheres.  Sometimes even things we read, watch and listen to on the NEWS seems pretty crazy to us when it isn’t happening directly to us.  Sometimes there are things that happen, almost literally in our backyards, that we might find unbelievable. Sometimes tragic and scary that these NEWS stories can happen right around the corner from where we live.  My point is that we live inside our little spheres that we only see what we see, and there is a bigger world that we are not seeing.

Let me relate this to the world of spanking as that is what this site is all about and is the point I am ultimately trying to make.  Almost a year ago, I started reading on a forum, where people talked about their spankings.  It was surprising that the subject for the most part was handled with a lot of discernment and care.  It was aimed at Spanked Girls and that was who mostly contributed, but there were some strict mothers that believed in spanking, as well as some guys that posted there as well.  Yes, I am one of those guys.  Admittedly, I did lurk on there for some time before I eventually started posting my own posts on there and asking some of the girls questions.  I was surprised by how many would open up to me and seem to like chatting with me.  Some wanted me to ask them questions.  One girl in particular was eager to share her spanking tales with me, both of herself and her siblings and cousins getting spanked.  I even communicated with her mom, who seemed very stern and strict, even over the internet.  I don’t think I would want to be on the receiving end of one of that woman’s spankings!!

Now, over time there arose some drama between me and this mother/daughter duo and I felt out of good report with them.  I also came to discover that a lot of people thought that there whole story was all made up, with facts being pointed out as being inconsistent.  Now, I cannot confirm or deny that some of these facts that were pointed out did seem to be inconsistent, but I don’t know if that means that everything they said was a lie.  This mother/daughter duo seem to live in a very religious and Christian Community which wasn’t very large.  A vast majority of the people in that community seemed to wholeheartedly believe that spanking was the right way to raise your kids.  This girl had several brothers and sisters that all got spankings as discipline as well and some were in their twenties.  Now, I fully realize that anyone can say anything, especially when it comes to an anonymous forum, but I also feel like that can be one of the safest places for you to be yourself.  I know you cannot trust everything that you read on the internet, but maybe, just maybe some of the stories are true, even some of the more unbelievable ones.

To that end, I want to share a little bit of a something mentioned in passing while I was sharing a ride with a family from my church to the service being held at an outdoor patch of woods.  On the ride there amongst all our chat about lockdowns and mask wearing and all that fun stuff, we got talking about rights and how the government shouldn’t have the right to dictate whether we can meet in person for church during this pandemic.  (By the way, I am not going to weigh in on my thoughts on that topic as that is not the point of this blog.)  As we were talking about this topic, my friend from church, who is a mother of three boys, made a point about how there should be a separation of church and state (Province here in Canada) and how a police officer wouldn’t be allowed to spank your kids as that would be wrong.  I just quickly agreed with her point, but not before adding that maybe some adults should be spanked by the police…lol.  Please know that I wasn’t super serious to that point and meant it to be funny!!  I just couldn’t help making that comment as a spanko!!

Now, here is the point of me sharing that conversation with you.  I found it to be somewhat surprising how easily spanking can be dropped into conversation by parents of this generation.  And as a spanko, I start to wonder about the unspoken things from this conversation.  Does the mere mentioning of the word spanking mean that this mother believes in spanking, if even as a last resort?  Was she spanked as a kid and now carries on that same practice with her own kids?  That isn’t too hard to imagine as I do find that people within Christian or religious circles in general still seem to be very pro-spanking.  I am not saying that all Christians are, but it has been my observation that some are.  Again, I am not looking to make any real statements as to the correctness of the use of spanking on kids, I just want to share what I have observed.

My point in sharing all this and the main point of this post is to say that we often don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.  Yes, unfortunately this means that a lot of domestic violence can go on behind the scenes without being noticed and that is not a good thing.  But it also stands to reason, that at least some of these girls that talk about being spanked by their parents into their late teens and even early to mid twenties are actually true.   I happen to believe many of the spanking true tales that these girls told me about, some of which I am still in contact with.  Sure I cannot verify that it is true, but I also cannot verify that it is not true.  I personally choose to believe many of the stories that I read on these forums, even the more unbelievable ones.  Maybe that is simply because it is exciting to imagine some these more unbelievable stories actually happening in real life!!  But if my observations that spanking is still considered by some within the religious communities and maybe even others that are not part of a religious community to be an acceptable means of discipline, then I have to wonder how much else happens behind closed doors that we don’t know about.  Often it is only the immediate family that knows about the discipline methods of their family.  So much can happen behind closed doors that a vast majoritiy of the world never finds out about.  So it is my belief that more kids that we realize are spanked well into their teens and maybe some into their twenties by their parents.  For better or for worse, there is still a large group that believes that spanking is an acceptable form of discipline on there kids, teens and young adults today!!  What could be going on just around the corner from you without you ever being the wiser!!

Thanks for joining me in this little rant for whatever it is worth!!  Look for more posts soon!!

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