Cindy and the Hairbrush – Silent Spanking Film – Still a Masterpiece today!!

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Cindy and the Hairbrush is a vintage piece of spanking history.  It is my firm belief that we owe a lot to some of the pioneers of the scene like Ed Lee from Nu West Spanking as he did a lot to that appealed to us spankos.  Up to that point it was a lot of leather clad dominatrixes whipping naughty boys and girls and probably more of the former.  For many of us that closely identify with spanking, this kind of scene just didn’t appeal to us.  We didn’t want leather clad dominatrixes, we wanted someone that looked like a stern mother or stern aunt spanking her teenage kids.  We wanted the more maternal images of a traditional over the knee of a schoolgirl that has failed to live up to her parent’s high standards and is now going to pay the price.  Ed Lee was one of the first to start producing such material, even before video with sound was widely available.  Ed Lee started shooting in the late 1970s with silent film to begin with.  Many of those with the likes of the now infamous Debbie, who was even spanked by her real mother for some of the videos and still images that they produced.  And then there was Cindy, who only shot two videos for Nu West and then there was apparently a falling out.  I am not going to go into all the alleged drama that went on behind the scenes, but instead just appreciate this little piece of spanking history. 

There were two videos that Cindy shot for Nu West.  One was Cindy and the Paddle, and the other one which we are going to talk about today is Cindy and the Hairbrush.  Although there is no sound in this vintage spanking scene, it still has many things going for it and I am going to go ahead and say it, I think it is a masterpiece.  Some might debate me on this and I am not saying that this is best spanking video of all time.  I just happen to think that there are so many positive things going for this video.

The setup is simple enough.  Cindy comes home holding a very bad report card, one which she knows will likely spell big trouble for her and her bottom.  Looking at the setting, it is pretty clear that this was shot in either the late 1970s or early 1980s and I really think this vintage look adds to the effect.  It is like we are taking a look back in time to a time when it would have been more socially acceptable for a girl that age to get a spanking for a bad report card.  Much more so then the over the top invented reasons that girls get spanked in today’s videos.  It is almost like we are peeking into the living room as this very exciting scene unfolds before us.  Now, do I wish there was sound for this video, absolutely.  However, it does leave more to our imagination as to what the angry parent is saying and how her daughter is responding to her.  And I never think it is a bad thing when more is left to our imagination.  Spankos tend to have a pretty good imagination!!

Now, getting back to the scene, everything unfolds almost as you imagine it would have in the 1970s.  Cindy reluctantly comes in the front door and after some questioning hands over her report card.  Cindy plays the scared and concerned girl well and you can imagine the scene being very real.  After looking over the report card the mother starts to question and scold Cindy.  Cindy can only nod her head like a chastised girl.  Eventually Cindy is sent to go get The Hairbrush.  The camera angle changes and we now see the mother sit down on a straight backed chair waiting for her daughter.  Only moments later Cindy appears with a wooden hairbrush in her hands.  Her mother quickly takes the hairbrush from her and sets it on her lap and then reaches under Cindy’s skirt to pull down her panties.  Then Cindy is made to bend over her mother’s knees for her spanking.  The spanking doesn’t start right away though as first the mother continues to scold Cindy while she lays obediently over her mother’s knees.  Finally mom draws Cindy’s skirt up to her waist, tucking it in before beginning the spanking.  With bottom bare the mother continues to scold her errant daughter and finally begins a long sound spanking.  The spanking is not rushed, instead it is slow and methodical, with pauses to scold and restrain her daughter.  The camera angle changes a few times during the scene to show the bottom getting sufficiently red at times to Cindy’s very pained reactions.  Tears can even be seen in Cindy’s eyes at one point and it all just adds to the effect of making this scene seem more believable.  Even without sound, this is one of my favorite spanking scenes today!!

I would very much like to write my own spanking story based on this video.  I know it has been done before, but I would like to give my own spin on it.  I will put a link to the story that already exists as I don’t think it is a bad story.  There are just some details that I disagree with in the story.  Specifically the fact that, in the story, Cindy had never been spanked before.  So it has that fish out of water, never been spanked feel to it, which might work for stories based from the year 2000 and on, but for a story based in either the 1970s or 1980s, I don’t think it fits that narrative.  Plus, if you have actually seen the video you would know that it doesn’t fit that scene.  Cindy seems to accept that she is going to be punished right from the get go, and she is a girl that is no stranger to getting spanked.   So anyways, I would like to try my hand at writing a story based on this spanking video as I think it was and still is an excellent example of a domestic spanking scene that may have occurred in real life during the 1970s.

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this little tribute to a piece of spanking history!!  Here is the link to the story that someone wrote based on this scene.  Look for my take on it soon!!

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