Spanking Video Highlight – Jenny’s Wild OTK

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Here is another one of my favorites. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am huge into OTK spanking and that is what I will feature as it is the position that speaks the most to me. This is a shorter clip, which I think is actually a good thing. Far too often spanking videos feel the need to pad their runtime with unnecessary rubbing or explaining in every little small detail what the girl did wrong before getting to the action.

Some of the best spanking videos, in my opinion, are the shorter ones. Short video with hard spanking action is much preferred over a long video that seems to go on too long. And while 10 to 20 minutes of hard spanking action can be entertaining, it can also start to drag at points. And so, with that background I want to highlight one my favorite shorter spanking videos. Not a lot of setup, it just gets straight to the action with a good hard over the knee hand spanking. By no means a brutal spanking, but firm and hard and to the point.

So this video comes from Girls Boarding School. I don’t know if it can be purchased separately, but it is part of the membership to their site. I will do a full review of their site at a later time!!

The video starts out with Jenny sitting on the edge of a bathtub looking a bit concerned. Before long you can hear footsteps coming towards the washroom and moments later Headmaster Tom comes in and tells Jenny that he very concerned with her manners, before taking her over his knees and begins to spank her soundly. The spanking starts out over her skirt, but is still hard enough that she is feeling it as you can tell from her reactions. This quickly progresses to over panties as he lifts up her skirt and continues the spanking. Then finally the panties are pulled down and the spanking continues as Headmaster Tom drives the message home. After the spanking is over, Headmaster Tom takes Jenny over to the window in the bathroom and makes her stand there with her bottom still exposed for her corner time of sorts.

The beauty of this video is in its simplicity. Not much in the way of build up, just a girl sitting on a bathtub with a concerned look on her face. Once Headmaster Tom enters the bathroom, it gets right to the action in a matter of seconds. The action is not long and drawn out, but a good hard over the knee spanking that sends the student a clear message.

This is still one of my favorite spanking videos and can be found on Girls Boarding School. Here is the link to there site:

Hope you enjoyed this little video highlight!!

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  1. This is a good one! I am a fan of many of their videos. I tend to gravitate toward videos that have a strong scolding scene, as well as real tears from the recipient of the spanking. And OTK is always my favorite 🙂


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