Brand New Forum – Let’s Talk Spanking Forum

Well, ladies and gents, you asked for it and now it is here. Okay in reality, I have been thinking to do this for a while as the name suggests, Let’s Talk Spanking and that kind of implies participation on your part and that is really what I want. I am happy to keep this site running by posting original spanking stories, review spanking stories and websites that I like. I love to highlight specific spanking videos from time to time and just talk about different topics. But I also wanted a place to talk with you guys in a more interactive way and it was suggested to me to start my own forum on the platform.

So without further ado; introducing the Let’s Talk Spanking Forum. This is going to be a more interactive forum to discuss everything to do with spanking!! A forum designed with your participation in mind to chat about whatever you want to talk about in regards to spanking. Focusing more on Adult Spanking and the inner workings behind Domestic Discipline relationships or anything with any kind of Dom/Sub relationship. What attracts people to this wonderful world of adult spanking? When does it become more than just play in the bedroom, but a lifestyle choice where one person is submissive and one is dominant in a relationship? How can spanking help develop better habits in your life? How can spanking help one deal with past mistakes and the guilt and shame around them? What other punishments should sometimes accompany a spanking to help enhance the experience? These questions and many more I would love to tackle on this forum.

Some basic rules to help establish some basic protocols. First of all, please no profanity, name calling, or cyber bullying. Please let us all be respectful of other people’s opinions on here. Discussion with opposing views is perfectly fine, but let’s keep things civilized!!
Secondly, no links to porn sites. I don’t have any problem with discussion over favorite spanking videos, stories, spanking scenes in mainstream movies and TV shows, etc., I would prefer to not to have posts linking back to porn on this forum. Alternatively, I do encourage people to post links to other blogs about spanking they have come across. Please go ahead and highlight any good blogs on the topic that you like!!

Now, the last one is a tricky one. I would rather not have mothers coming on here to talk about how they spank their kids all the time. That is not what this forum is all about. Adult children that want to talk about past spankings they received as kids is fine or even as teenagers or adults. But I do not want to advocate the spanking of children or support its use. This can certainly be a place for considerate adults and even teens to talk about spanking and their emotions and feelings around it. I cannot stop underage kids from reading or posting on here, but would encourage that the minimum age be 18 as this is a very adult topic.

Thanks for checking out this blog!! I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts!! I will get the ball rolling with one of my own posts and hope that more people will join in!!

Here is the link to my new blog. I hope to see many of you there!!

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