Audio Spanking Stories from YouTube

I wanted to highlight a few audio spanking stories available for free on YouTube right now. I came across them this morning. I am sure these aren’t original stories to YouTube, and instead someone has used one of those computer text readers to read the text of some spanking stories. That being said, I was surprised that as far as computer voices reading stories, this was one of the better ones. Not the same as a human reading it, but still pretty good. Also, these stories that I am going to highlight all hit the right notes with me to get my heart racing as I picture the scene being described.

All of the stories feature the spanking of girls, mostly with the use of a wooden hairbrush (one of my favorite implements). Most are over the knee spankings (which is my favorite position), but one of them is a lying over the bed position. They are all fairly short stories and take little time to get right to the action, and they are all worth a listen. There are many more stories if you decide to follow the YouTube Channel, some stories featuring girls being spanked and some featuring boys being spanked. I didn’t highlight any stories with boys being spanked as that really isn’t my thing, but if it is your thing, then there are plenty of stories for you there as well!!

Anyways, hope you enjoy these spanking stories that I wanted to highlight for you guys!! Please feel free to leave your comment of what you thought of them and which is your favorite story. It is always great to hear from my followers and just have a nice chat!! Enjoy the stories!!

The Uncomfortable Truth

Spanked with the Hairbrush

The Hairbrush & West HighSchool

The Hairbrush for not washing dishes


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