Spanking Video Highlight – Sister Trouble part 1

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight.  This comes from a studio that is not one of my favorites, but this is one of the better videos on that site.  Sorry, I shouldn’t be too critical of there content, it takes a lot of hard work to produce spanking content, and they do have some interesting segments that I do like, it just isn’t one of my favorite spanking sites.  Nevertheless, I wanted to highlight this one video that comes from Disciplinary Arts.

This video is a role play video staring the likes of Paul Rogers, Sam James, and the great Kat St. James.  Sam and Kat play school girls that are in trouble with their father, played by Paul Rogers.  He is very unhappy with the report cards they have recently received with both girls getting multiple F’s.  He makes them explain what the punishment is for grades that are this bad and the answer is, of course, a spanking.  Sam goes into the corner and Kat goes over her dad’s knees for a sound spanking over her skirt.  After a minute of so of hard spanking action, her dad pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panties and she is then spanked on her now bare bottom.  The action switches between a side view and a great face cam to see all the pain and distress on Kat’s face.  Kat proved over her years as a spanking model that she can take a hard spanking, even tangling with the likes of Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard, but what is always great is her reactions to those spankings.  And if you are familiar with Spanked Sweeties at all, she gives a great interview on there and is fascinating to listen to as she was spanked as a child growing up.

Getting back to the video, after Kat has been sufficiently spanked, then it is her sister Sam’s turn across her dad’s knees.  She gets every bit as hard a spanking as her sister did.  First starting over skirt and then progressing to bare bottom.  It is great spanking action!!  One of my favorite videos from Disciplinary Arts!!  There is a part two for that series staring the same two girls, but it has Kyle Johansson as the spanker instead of Paul Rogers.  I am not a huge fan of Kyle, but the action is still pretty good in part two.  The girls make it great as they are great in it!!

To check out the video yourself, it is available with a subscription to Disciplinary Arts or it can also be found on clips4sale at the following link:

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