Spanking Video Highlight – Properly put in her Place Staring Rachel Adams

Post by Jason Gilbert

Time for another spanking video highlight.  Having watched probably thousands of spanking videos, it is fun for me to highlight some of my personal favorites.  So, I am back again, with yet another video that I want to highlight for you guys.

This is another video from the Punishment Only producer.  The video is called Properly put in her Place and stars Rachel Adams (not to be confused with Rachel McAdams of Hollywood fame, although I am sure many of us wouldn’t object to seeing her get spanked on camera…lol).  The scene gets right into the action with Rachel going almost immediately over Frank’s knees for discipline.  Apparently she had been rude to a customer in a restaurant that she was a waitress at.  Frank is very upset with her and as her disciplinarian is getting set to punish her soundly.

The punishment in this clip consists of Rachel Adams receiving a very hard hand spanking.  No implements are used for this video, but that is not to say that it is light punishment.  As always, Frank spanks hard and you can clearly see this by Rachel’s reactions throughout the spanking.  If there is one thing that I have always enjoyed about videos starring Rachel Adams, it is her reactions!!  She reacts like you would expect a real person to, not a paid model.  Everyone reacts differently to being spanked, with some taking it fairly stoicly and others are very vocal about it.  Rachel falls into the latter category and reacts very vocally, squirming and writhing all over the place.  She yells a bit and has to bite back real tears which are openly streaming down her face as Frank holds her and comforts her at the end of the video.

I once saw a behind the scenes video of Rachel Adams having an interview with Madam Samatha B and it was very intriguing.  Rachel is someone who gets something different out of being spanked.  She does not at all enjoy the pain of being spanked, but does like the headspace that being spanked puts her in.  From the many videos I have watched featuring her, I think she may identify as a ‘Little’.  She is certainly one of the biggest criers on the scene and for that reason she is very popular.  There must be a part of her that really enjoys being spanked, at least on some level, because she is doing it more and more.  At first she started off in mainly bondage movies (I have never watched any of them as I am not really into that, but I read about it later that that was how she got her start), but now she is in a lot of spanking videos.  Going on to work with the likes of Sarah Gregory in many of her sites.  She was even a part of her long play epic, the Strictmoor Academy series (we will be talking more about that series soon) as well as a spinoff from that series where she gets spanked by the great Dana Specht.

This is a great spanking video, in my opinion.  It hits many of the right notes with me.  Good setup, that is not too long, but sets up the scene effectively.  Hard hitting action of the over the knee variety, always my personal favorite.  Great reactions from one of the fastest up and coming models in Rachel Adams.  Great camera work, letting you see the action from both the bottom, seeing it get redder and redder, and from the face cam, seeing Rachel’s pained reactions as she endures a very sound hand spanking.  If you enjoy hard over the knee hand spankings, then you will enjoy this video!!

To check out this video yourself, follow this link to the clips4sale page where you can purchase it:


  1. Another great clip! Thank you for sharing. I very much enjoy her reactions. Like her, I do not like the pain of a spanking (spankings REALLY hurt)….but I love the headspace it gets me to.


    1. I think that I will need to talk about headspace in a future post. I find it to be a very fascinating aspect of being a spanko. As someone who also struggles with some guilt and shame over past mistakes, as well as feelings that I could do better with my everyday habits but lack the motivation; for those reasons I could very much identify with a longing to be loved and punished like a child. I have only one experience as an adult being spanked by a dominatrix, but it unfortunately lacked any real emotion. Spanking just for spanking sake might be fun in the right circumstance, but I think what I crave is some real discipline in my life. Do you identify with that Nora? Is it unusual for a guy to want these things? Is it more common to the girl to want to be the submissive one? It’s ironic because I don’t really care for stories with boys being spanked and only want to read and write stories about girls being spanked, but when it comes to my personal life, I desire discipline and for someone to take charge of me to some extent. Anyways, thanks for letting me share my feelings with you!! Hope they haven’t been boring to you!!

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      1. I don’t think it is unusual at all, my friend! I have many male friends who identify as submissive or being the “bottom” in a dynamic. I am (obviously) a female submissive and I strongly experience the need for true discipline and being held accountable for my misbehavior. And please know… I don’t find your feelings boring at all! Thank you for sharing with me 🙂


      2. Thanks Nora!! It is really great to chat with intelligent, thoughtful people such as yourself. I really want to get more into this lifestyle and I am curious and intrigued by many aspects of it. In a lot of ways it is a sexual thing, but in some ways, there is so much more to it then that. Watching a spanking video is a sexual turn on for me. But experiencing a spanking myself wasn’t sexual at all!! That is why I think that I could be held accountable with spanking, because like you, I don’t find the actual pain of being spanked to be any fun at all!! And yet a real part of me wants to be held accountable and be punished when needed. Strangely when I think about being held accountable and being spanked by a strong female partner, it is both scary and arousing. I know I won’t like the actual pain of being spanked and yet, thinking about how much it will hurt turns me on. Is that strange? Or is this a common thing? Do you identify with anything I am talking about?

        As always, it is super great to get your comments on my blog. They always bring a smile to my face!! I love chatting with like minded individuals!!

        Cheers my friend!!

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      3. I greatly identify with everything you have written, my new friend… and I know many other people (in this circle) who feel the same. There is something about the fear and the humiliation of a spanking that is a HUGE turn on for me. I definitely don’t identify as a masochistic…. I don’t enjoy pain. But I fantasize about spanking constantly…even knowing how terrible it will be. There is something about that loss of control, and the idea of being held accountable by a strong, dominant man…that just really does it for me. Oh, and like you… I really enjoy chatting with like minded individuals! Feel free to email me anytime…my email is on my blog. XOXO


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