Spanking Video Highlight – Stevie Rose gets her (Actual) sister Spanked

Post by Jason Gilbert

This will be a place for me to highlight spanking videos that I really like.  These would be videos that I consider my favorite.  These could be for websites that I have reviewed or may be available at Clips4Sale as some smaller studios are only available that way. 

Today I am going to highlight Punishment Only produced by Loren Punishments.  I am going to focus this highlight on the first video that I purchased of his, Stevie Gets her (Actual) Sister Spanked.  The reason that the word Actual is in brackets is because it is Stevie Rose’s real life sister in this video with her.  Her youngest sister as a matter of fact.  I can only assume that Stevie Rose’s involvement in this scene caused her sisters Vada Rose and Skylar Rose to be curious about this world.  Lucky them and even more, lucky us!!  More cute girls getting spanked is never a bad thing!!  And unlike so many other videos that models into sisters for the sake of the video, you can clearly see the family resemblance between Stevie and her sister Skylar.

I don’t know that this was the very first spanking video that Skylar shot, but it was very early as she is still a very young spanking model and new to this scene.  Perhaps it is the fact that she is so new, or the fact that the gentleman in these videos can deliver a very hard hand spanking which leaves a bruised and sore looking bottom.  Maybe it is the more authentic reactions of a girl that hasn’t been in the scene as long that make it so exciting to watch.  Regardless it is a fantastic video and let me tell you why!!

The scene starts with the two girls in a living room setting with both girls looking concerned.  You soon find out why as you listen to the two girl’s conversation.  Stevie let her sister Skylar drive Frank’s car (I don’t know what the guys name is, so I will call him Frank for the sake of this article).  It is a bit unclear as to the nature of Stevie’s relationship with Frank, whether he is her boyfriend, her guardian, her disciplinarian, I am not exactly sure.  Regardless, Stevie let her sister Skylar drive the car and she got into an accident.  Stevie is nervous as she knows from personal experience that Frank will be very unhappy with her and will likely punish her.  She tries to warn her sister of Frank’s methods of discipline and that Skylar may also be getting a spanking from Frank.  Once Frank enters the scene, then the scene really gets started.  He questions and scolds the two girls, making them feel pretty small for their actions.  He goes on to describe his methods to Skylar and that she is a guest in his house, she too will be getting a very sound spanking for her actions.

Frank starts with a hard hand spanking to Stevie Rose while Skylar sits on a stool watching and waiting for her turn.  After Stevie’s first spanking, Frank has Skylar come over to the couch and over his knee for her first hand spanking.  Stevie is beside them both and helps by holding her sister’s hands while she is being spanked.  Frank spanks hard and Skylar reacts very realistically.  You can see the distress on her face, the veins popping out on her neck as this is no play spanking.  While the scene may be a role play setup, the action is very much of the hard hitting variety.  Frank does not pull any punches, spanking both girls very hard and even his hand spankings seem to be quite uncomfortable.  I would even put it out there that this gentleman could rival Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard for a hand spanking, just to give you an idea of the intensity of the action.

The scene continues with Stevie Rose going back over Frank’s knees for a second round with the bath brush this time.  It is a very hard spanking, as Stevie Rose has obviously proven she can take after years of being in this scene.  After Stevie’s bath brush spanking, Skylar is again summoned to go back over Frank’s knees.  This time Stevie is kneeling on the stool during her sister’s second spanking.  This one proves to be just as hard as her first spanking.  Again it is only a hand spanking, but Frank is giving it with all he can.  Lecturing and scolding in between, then spanking very hard to drive the message home.  Once again, the spanking action is excellent in these videos!!

For the rest of the video, Stevie Rose is the only one to get any more spanking, now with paddles and straps.  Very intense and very hard!!  She is held more responsible as she was the one to let her sister drive.  I think the reality behind the scenes was likely that Stevie is a big player in the spanking scene, where her sister is a relative novice by comparison.  That said, I think Skylar took a genuinely hard spanking and sells it as a very painful experience for her.

If I were to give this video a rating it would have to be a 5 out of 5 stars.  The scene is believable enough, the action is super hard and intense, and the reactions are genuine and believable.  I also love that each spanking is shown first from the bottom view and then a second time from the face cam.  I love facial reactions to spanking and that to me is of just as much importance as seeing how red the bottom is becoming.  Seeing the look of distress and discomfort on the girl’s face, absolutely sells the sense of realism to me. Anyways, I just wanted to highlight this video as one of my favorites that I have ever purchased from clips4sale.  It can be so hard to know the quality of some of the videos from clips4sale and what you are getting for your money, but I definitely do recommend this one for some hard hitting action!!

To check out this video yourself, here is the link to the clips4sale site where it can be found!!


    1. I glad you liked it too. For me I was just excited to see Stevie Rose’s younger sister Skylar get spanked. Crazy that pretty much her whole family is into the scene. Even her mom has been in a spanking video I believe. How crazy would that be if several members of your immediate family were into spanking too?

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