My Worst Spanking – Volume 3

Posted by Jason Gilbert

Hi Again Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot recently. Life has been busy. I have many more projects on the go and will post them as I have time, but real life sometimes must get in the way. Anyways, I wanted to share with you this final episode of the My Worst Spanking audios from Nu West. This will be the last post of these audios and I am combining the entire last section of them. What a treasure these audios were and still are!! I hope that you are all enjoying them as much as I have. It is nice to share them with you and discuss them with others that appreciate the subject matter. There is just nothing like this today and I find this as exciting to listen to, if not far more exciting then most spanking videos being produced today. That is not a slight against the spanking video producers. There is just something so much more exciting about listening to real girls talk about their real disciplinary spankings they got growing up. Well, I enjoyed them and I hope you did too!!

Do me a favor and let me know your favorite story from this bunch!!

Hope you enjoy!!

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