Scarlett’s Hard OTK Paddling – Spanking Video Highlight

Posted by Jason Gilbert

This is a place for me to highlight and showcase favorite videos of mine.  Not necessarily a review, but more a way for me to highlight favorite spanking videos and what I like about them.  I realize that peoples tastes vary widely, so what I highlight may not be everyone’s favorite and that is okay.  Diversity is the spice of life.  I just want to share with you what some of my personal favorite spanking videos are.  So without further ado, on to the video highlight.

This video comes curtesy of Dallas Spanks Hard.  This has been a favorite of mine for a long time now.  It is an older video now, so it isn’t HD, but the quality of the action more than makes up for it.  The premise is simple; Scarlett hasn’t been doing well in math as she hasn’t been handing in assignments and has missed her exam.  Dallas, her disciplinarian, calls her into talk to him about it.  After a short scolding, she is told to go get two paddles and two straps.  The full punishment actually takes place over several videos.  The reason I highlight this video is because I feel it works well as a stand-alone video.  I could totally buy it as a strict father punishing his daughter for not doing well in school.  It doesn’t go out of it’s way to present itself that way, but just a little imagination and you could see what I am talking about.

Upon re-entering the room, with the paddles and straps in tow, Dallas once again begins to scold Scarlett.  Telling her that her trip to Hawaii is out and that she will be going to summer school to get her grades up so that she is ready for University in the fall.  She is quickly instructed to get over his knee and the spanking with one of the wooden paddles quickly begins.  The first part of the spanking is delivered over her pants, but that does not mean it is any picnic.  From Scarlett’s verbal response and the pained expression on her face, you can tell this spanking is no joke.  After about a minute and a half these hard swats over jeans, she is instructed to stand up and pull down her jeans, which she does reluctantly.  Once back over the knees of Dallas, he wastes no time in paddling her hard and fast.  The paddling is relentless with her now bare bottom and she starts to squirm, beg, and squeal very quickly.  Her hands shoot back and Dallas quickly catches them and just keeps on paddling her bare bottom at a relentless pace.  This scene will absolutely leave you breathless and very turned on.

My favorite thing about this video is that it doesn’t feel like it has a lot of filler in it.  Less then 6 minutes long, it is a straight forward, no nonsense, disciplinary spanking to a deserving young lady.  Still one of my all-time favorites!! 

Here are a few sample audio clips from it to give you a small idea of the harshness of the spanking.  Hope you enjoy this posts!!


    1. I agree about liking audio files better than video. I think the thing is, is that less is more when it comes to spanking videos. And we often prefer to use our own imagination over watching a video that is really someone else’s fantasy. A good photo or an audio clip can go much farther for helping us picture the perfect fantasy in our heads, over just watching a simple spanking video, that often fails to hit all the hot buttons that we might be looking for. Thanks for your comments and likes as always.

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