My Step Sister’s Spanking – Part 1

by Jason Gilbert

A fictional story told from the perspective of a 16-year-old boy. I may include many chapters to this story with both the boy and girl getting spanked at times. The first chapter is going to be about the spanking of a 12-year-old girl, while Mark, the author of the story watches. I thought I would share what I have written so far and see what people think. I will continue it, as I am having fun writing it!!

My name is Mark Waller, I am 17 years old and in the 12th grade in high school. I am not an overly popular kid in high school, but I do have my friends. I don’t have lots of friends, but those that I do have I am pretty close with. I am an only child and I am raised alone by my dad as my mom died when I was very young. Now, with that little background out of the way, I want to tell you a little story. And this story is about spanking. Why spanking, well just read on and you will find out!!

I have always hated getting spanked. When I was younger my dad would hand spank me over his knees on just my underwear or sometimes even my bare bottom. I hated it so much!!! It hurt really bad and it always made me feel so little. I didn’t get spanked super often, but when I did, I would dread it so much. My dad was always very controlled about his process in disciplining me. When I had earned a spanking, I would be told that my actions were unacceptable and that I had earned a spanking for what I had done. I would then be sent to my bedroom to await my fate. I would often wait between ten minutes to half an hour with the wait being absolutely agonizing. Then my dad would show up, take the desk chair that sat at my desk in my bedroom and turn it into the room and sit down on it. He would then call me over to stand in front of him, while he lectured me about what I had done wrong. Once he had done that, he would take down my pants and guide me over his knees. Once over his knees, he would simply ask me if I knew why I was going to be spanked and when I had given him the reason, he would start the spanking. My dad always spanked in a hard deliberate manner. Not overly fast, but hard and steady. Usually he would start out with one hard smack to each cheek with about five seconds in between each swat and he would do this for about the first minute. After the first minute, the pace would increase to one every two to three seconds and he would make sure to cover every square inch of my bottom. He often would make sure to concentrate some extra swats on the thighs as well and those really hurt. And the last minute of the more intense spankings would be barely a second apart. If you were listening in to one of my spankings, all you would likely have heard at this point would be the hard, steady smacking sound of my dad’s hand on my bottom and my yelling, screaming and crying.

This was the way I got spanked until three years ago. Three years ago my dad decided I was getting too big and too old for over the knee spankings anymore. He also decided that more than his hand was necessary for a spanking. So, his method changed to include the belt and what a horrible change it was. Not that his hand spankings were any picnic, but a belt spanking was a whole new world of awful!! Thankfully as I got older, I got spanked less, but each and every single spanking I got with that belt was a long horrible ordeal that left me unable to sit comfortably for quite some time. His process was only slightly altered. He would still send me to my room telling me that I had earned a spanking. He would still come in to lecture me about what I had done wrong. The big difference was the actual spanking. For that, he would have me lie on top of a pillow on my bed, after baring my butt and then he would take his belt to me a minimum of 20 times, but as many as 50 for more severe things. For anyone who has not experienced such a punishment, 50 lashes with a wide leather belt seems like an eternity!! My voice would often go horse from the yelling and screaming during those spankings. As embarrassing as being spanked over the knee was, I would prefer that any day to my dad’s horrible belt whippings.

Well, be careful what you wish for. Little did I know that I would once again experience over the knee spankings with both hand and hairbrush, but not from my dad, but from my new step mother. But I am getting ahead of myself here. I wanted for you, the reader, to understand where I was coming from in my hatred of being spanked. To me spankings were only ever one thing, and that was awful, painful, and very embarrassing. I didn’t like being spanked and I still think I am getting too old for such treatment. Other than my own spankings, I never really much thought about them, other than to think about how much I hated them. They weren’t interesting to me at all, just something to be avoided, at all costs.

That all changed about 2 years ago when my dad started dating my now step mother Angie. Angie was a very attractive woman in her mid to late forties when my dad met her. He met her at some church function and it didn’t take long for them to start dating. I wasn’t upset about his dating another woman as it had been many years since my mother had died and since I was very young when she died, I never really knew her that well anyways. Angie was a tall, blond haired very attractive woman. Even to me as a 17-year-old boy today, I can understand why other boys will sometimes say “wow, your mom is hot”, because she honestly is. Well, after she had been going out with my dad for a couple of months I found out she had a twelve-year-old daughter named Rachel. Rachel was also very pretty with blond hair that reached her shoulders, pretty blue eyes and nice big smile. She had the odd freckle, but she was very cute and I could see her growing into a very beautiful woman, not unlike her mother one day.

Well, the first time I met Rachel would prove to be one of the most memorable days of my young life. I had no idea at the beginning of the day, what that day held in store for me. At the beginning of the day, spankings were just something to be avoided, but by the end of the day, my world would be turned upside down when I got the chance to witness first hand a teenage girl get a hard bare bottom spanking over her mother’s knee. Now, I know what you are thinking. You are probably saying to yourself, “yeah right, this kid is exaggerating or is making this up”, and if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes I would have never believed it either. But I assure you, what I am about to tell did happen and it was the start of my feeling very differently when it came to spanking. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still hated getting spanked myself, but to suddenly find out at the age of thirteen, when all my hormones are starting to go wild when it comes to girls, that they too can be put into the most humiliating of time honored positions over the knees of their parents and have their bare bottom spanked to a deep red was just too much. But there I go again, getting ahead of myself. Let me backup and tell you the story of the first time I witnessed a teenage girl get a spanking over her mother’s knees. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

This day started out like any other, getting up and getting ready for the day. I remember my dad telling me that we were going to do some shopping for new clothes and school supplies. I wasn’t overly excited about that kind of shopping, but figured I would make the best of it. At the very least, dad would likely take me out for lunch to either a Taco Bell, or McDonalds which was fine with me. So I didn’t put up a lot of fuss until he told me that Angie and her daughter Rachel would be joining us as well. I wasn’t thrilled about that!! Angie was fine, but whenever she was around, then dad paid a lot less attention to me. Plus, I had kind of been hoping to have a day with just the two of us, but that was not to be. Dad told me not to make a nuisance of myself today or I would be sorry, and I very much took his words to heart. I had no desire for the day to end with me getting the belt from dad, so I decided I was going to be on my very best behavior.

Angie and Rachel arrived at our little two story house around 10 o’clock in the morning. We all loaded up into her mini van and headed to the closest mall to do our shopping. Now, Rachel and I got along fine; well, as well as a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl usually get along. We didn’t know anything about each other yet and my dad kept encouraging me to talk to Rachel. I would ask her a question and usually get just a one or two-word answer and then it would be quiet between us again. It was very awkward!! Finally, we got to the mall and we all went inside to do our shopping. Shopping went okay, at first, buying school supplies and some clothes for me. Trouble came when we went to the girl’s section to get some clothes for Rachel. She didn’t seem to like anything her mother picked out for her and was very vocal about it. She kept saying things like, “oh mom, that is so old fashioned, I am not from the 1800s” or “you’ve got to be kidding me mom, your sense of style needs an update to this century”. To her credit, her mom Angie was very patient with her and even asked what she would prefer to wear. Well, that is where things got really interesting!! Rachel would pick out these skimpy outfits and her mom would outright refuse to let her buy such a thing. “But mom, that is what all the other kids my age wear”, I remember Rachel saying. “Well, that is not what you are going to wear, young lady, so you can just forget about it”, her mother had replied quite matter of factly. And that was when the real arguments began. Back and forth they went, with Rachel would keep asking her mom to buy her a certain outfit and her mother would refuse, saying it was too skimpy and not appropriate for a girl her age. Throughout it all, Rachel was acting more and more like a brat.

So after almost 2 hours of shopping, I was pretty much all done with what I needed, but Rachel didn’t have much of anything, since her mother and her could not agree on anything. Around this time, we were all getting hungry and headed to the food court for a bite to eat. I went for my favorite, Taco Bell and ordered a steak Quesadilla and the Fries Supreme and sat down with my dad, Angie and Rachel. My first indication that Rachel received corporal punishment came when I saw her give her daughter a hard smack on her bottom, and all I heard her mom say was “That is Enough Rachel!! Sit down and eat your food!! I don’t want to hear another peep out of you or so help me, you WILL regret it!!” I don’t know what she had done to prompt this attention from her mom, but evidently her mom was reaching the end of her ropes with Rachel. Although it was only one smack on her clothed bottom, I still remember feeling a twinge of excitement when I saw her mother do that. It was like it had never occurred to me that girls could get spanked too. Oh, I might have been aware that little girls got the occasions smack on the bum for doing something bad, to get their attention. But this was different, because a) it was a fourteen-year-old girl and b) there seemed to be an undercurrent that the smack I briefly witnessed was only a warning smack, and that Rachel’s mother was more than capable of delivering far more if necessary. Up until then, I honestly didn’t even think that girls got spanked at all or if they did, that it probably ended by 8 to 10 years of age. Like many boys my age that still got spanked, I thought I was the only one that still had to put up with such humiliating punishment. I never thought that other boys were treated this way, much less a teenage girl. So needless to say, my thoughts were very preoccupied with this warning smack on Rachel’s bottom and what else it could mean.

Well, lunch passed without much more incident. Rachel was very quiet as I was as well, while my dad and Angie talked to each other lots. As we were getting up to clear away our garbage, Rachel just had to cause another scene. She shoved her tray towards me saying, “here, you take my garbage for me”. Her mother gave her an angry glare, and then said, “you are perfectly capable of throwing out your own garbage”. Rachel came back with a snippy reply, “Well, he is getting up to throw his out anyway, might as well make himself useful and throw my garbage away as well”. “No, young lady, you dispose of your own trash and stop trying to get others to do it for you”, her mother replied, getting even more visibly angry. “I don’t have to if I don’t want to”, was Rachel’s smart ass reply. Well this did not make her mother happy in the slightest. “Stand UP Young Lady”, she practically yelled at her daughter. Grabbing Rachel by the arm, she spun her around and smacked her bottom three times very hard. “I have just about had it with you, young lady” Angie said to her daughter, almost shaking with anger. “Do you want a spanking when we get home”, she continued loud enough for half the food court to hear us. “Well, young lady”, Angie continued, not letting go of her daughter’s arm, “answer me”!!

I will never forget the horrified look on Rachel’s face at being so publicly humiliated in front of half the food court. She kept looking around, presumably to see if anyone she knew was watching this scene unfolding. All Rachel could manage to say was a weak, “no mom” and a “I’m sorry” but I don’t think her mom was buying it. The last thing Angie said to her daughter before we all got up to do some more shopping together was “well, we will see if your behavior improves during the rest of our shopping today, because if it does not, you will be very sorry when we get home”, she said and then looked her daughter in the eye and continued, “Do You Understand Me, Young Lady”!! Rachel shifted from one foot to the other and said so quietly I could barely hear her, “yes mom, I understand, I promise I will be good”.

To her credit, she did improve her behavior for a little while, and her mom even managed to buy her some clothes without her putting up too much of a fuss. She seemed subdued and contrite, for a while at least. Now, don’t judge me for what you are about to read, I was only trying to be helpful to Rachel. As we were leaving to go home, Rachel’s sweater got stuck on the door handle. I, having been taught to be a gentleman, went to try to help Rachel get unstuck from the door handle. Well, unfortunately as I reached out to help her with her sweater, I accidently touched her left breast. It was an accident, I swear!! I was only trying to help Rachel to untangle. Well, that was not the way she saw it, because she spun around and slapped me hard across the face, not once but twice. I blinked away tears, caught completely by surprise. “You pervert”, Rachel exclaimed. “I am sorry”, I said, still shocked at the sting of her smacks across my face. “I was only trying to help you get untangled from the door”, I said honestly. “Yeah, sure you were ”, Rachel said, not believing me at all, “more like you were trying to cop a feel”. “What is going on here”, Angie’s voice startled both of us and we looked at her in surprise of her anger. “Rachel, are you bound and determined to ruin this day for all of us”, her mother said, staring her daughter down. “Well, that is the final straw, I saw exactly what happened and Mark was only trying to help you get untangled from the door”, her mother said matter of factly. I have to admit I was very relieved as I thought at first that she was going to get angry at me. And if she had rushed to daughter’s defense and my dad thought I had done something wrong, well then it would likely have been I who would have received a very sound spanking that evening. Alas, the gods were smiling on me this day, because that is not what happened.

Rachel vainly tried to protest and tell her mother that it was all my fault, but her mother quickly cut her off, with a very angry statement, “That’s Enough Young Lady, you have been pushing your luck all day, and now you have just pushed it too far. When we get home you are going to get a spanking, young lady, a very hard spanking”, she continued with a sharp edge to her voice that commanded attention. She grabbed her daughters arm again and marched her daughter back to the minivan to take us all home. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest at this point and never had I ever been more excited about a spanking. I am a bit ashamed to say that yes, excited is the right word, because I was excited for Rachel to get a spanking. There are a couple of reasons I say that I was excited that Rachel was going to be spanked. One, was that she had been a brat all day and these last couple slaps across the face just reinforced my desire to see her punishment. But, by far the biggest reason I was eager to see Rachel get a spanking or at least hopefully hear it happen, was because she was a girl. Yep, that’s it, plain and simple, I am a boy at just the beginning of starting to realize my sexuality, and the thought of a teenage girl being spanked over her mother’s knees had never been more exciting in my life. Please don’t judge me for that!!

Part 2 coming soon!!

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