Brisk, No Nonsense Disciplinary Spanking

What do you think of when you hear the words brisk, no nonsense disciplinary spanking. I picture a woman, taken over the knee for hard and often fast tempo spanking, that leaves her breathless. It doesn’t need to be something that goes on for several minutes. In fact I find that some of the hottest scenes are a minute or less of actual spanking. Hard and intense, they often leave the bottom very red and sore. We are talking about discipline here, it needs to be memorable, it doesn’t have to be brutal!!

Now, I always prefer a traditional over the knee position for any spanking, and especially ones given for discipline. It just seems more paternal, more intimate, and somehow more loving. You also can’t argue that a bottom being placed into such a vulnerable position is extremely hot and exciting.

Anyways, more than just engaging you folks intellectually, I also want to shoot out a challenge to my readers. I know there aren’t a lot of you following me yet, but I am encouraged to see regular traffic through my site daily. I am doing my best to keep posting regularly, but your feedback also helps me know that I am on the right track. Anyways, I am going to issue a bit of a challenge to my readers. I am going to post some imagines taken from the web that to me define what I consider no-nonsense disciplinary spanking. My challenge is; I would like to challenge my readers to come up with a story for at least one of the pictures. Pick the picture that you want to use and write a story around it. Doesn’t have to be too long, and can get right to the action. I will try to pick at least one or two that I will share on my site if you are willing.

Please send any stories directly to my email Hope to get lots of suggestions from you guys. I am also going to put a couple short audio clips at the end of this post to give you the sounds of what I consider to be a no-nonsense disciplinary spanking.

Looking forward to reading your stories.


  1. I have always loved image #4.
    The way I imagine….she came home late from school. Mother is already quite annoyed that she is late but becomes more upset with her when she learns her daughter was kept after school and made to wash down the chalkboards as a punishment for talking in class. Mother does not tolerate naughty behavior at school and informs her that she will be receiving a good spanking for her misbehavior. She is made to stand in the corner for 15 minutes, reflecting on her actions and what the consequences of those actions will be. She is then turned over mother’s knee, her panties are taken down, and she is paddled on her bare bottom until she is a very sorry little girl. Mother then sits her at the kitchen table to write an apology note to her teacher, which includes a description of her punishment.
    Just a little fantasy of mine 🙂


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