Birthday Spankings

It is my Birthday today, so let’s talk about Birthday Spankings.

I am hoping to have some community participation with this. Have any of you given or received Birthday Spankings? If you have please share the details.

Other than playful swats by parents when I was a kid, I have never received a real birthday spanking. A real part of me craves a real birthday spanking. At least my age in decently hard swats. Nothing too crazy, this isn’t for punishment after all, but not too weak either. I like having a bit of sore bottom afterwards as then you know you have been spanked.

So, if any of you that read my blog have a great birthday spanking story, then please share it with us. If you have a story of someone you know that receives Birthday Spankings then please share it with us. Or if you just want to talk about Birthday Spankings, I welcome it!!

As a closing for this topic, I leave you with a link to a birthday spanking that Sarah Gregory received for her 30th birthday from Dana Specht. By the way, she was born the same year that I was only a few months before me. So, that means she also turned 37 this year. Enjoy the video. And I hope to hear some fun stories!!!

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