My Worst Spanking – Kimberly

Taken from an audio recording that was made by Nu West Spanking. This is a vintage piece of Spanking History. Unfortunately, it looks like this is no longer available to buy as Nu West is completely gone. Thankfully much of their videos have been preserved through free sites like SpankBang and, two good sites for free spanking videos. I don’t normally condone the illegal use of videos that these producers have put a lot of hard work into, but since Nu West stuff cannot be purchased anymore, I don’t have a problem with it. It still deserves to be appreciated today. I don’t think the spanking scene would be what it is today without their influence.

Anyways, before their site completely disappeared, I managed to purchase this amazing set of audio stories. The title is My Worst Spanking and it is a compilation of 15 girls that sent in an audio of them talking about their worst spanking. Very fascinating stuff. Apparently it was originally available on audio cassette and later adapted to a downloadable file. That shows you how old this is, but that doesn’t make it any less fascinating. I believe it was done during the 1980s, so spanking was far more common during that timeframe.

Anyways, I picked one of my favorites to share with you guys today. Her name is Kimberly and just go ahead and listen to her tell you about her worst spanking, sounds like it was quite a dozzie. Enjoy!!


  1. I enjoyed hearing a college girl talking about a spanking she got from her father at the age of 17. She apparently thought she was old enough to drink alcohol and ended up over her Daddy’s knee. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. My pleasure. This was one of those hidden treasures I am so glad I came across. I will share more of them, so stay tuned.

    Hearing a college aged girl talk about her worst spanking at the age of 17 is super hot. She describes it so well that you can’t help but picture it in your mind. I like how she describes her father as a loving and gentle man. The girl obviously had no resentment over being spanked by her father, even saying that they never received a spanking they hadn’t earned.

    I still sometimes wonder if our society would have the problems it has today if it weren’t for the way we view spanking. Would more teens, both boys and girls, benefit from being spanked to a later age? Are we better as a society without the use of spanking? Or would this old fashioned form of discipline actually be beneficial for at least some of the youth today?

    These are just honest questions. Love to hear some replies.

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  3. This is probably my favourite one from this series. I could picture it so well in my head, the 17 year old girl laying across her father’s lap, bare bottom. And then the well-deserved spanking he gave her – wonderful! This should be a normal thing, especially today, where we have so many disrespectful brats who never felt a firm hand.

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    1. Agreed about this being one of the best from the My Worst Spanking audios. A fascinating peak into her life and her family’s discipline practices to be sure!! I wish more audios like this existed!! They are truly treasures of a past generation!! I like the fact that she describes her father as one of the kindest, most gentle person she ever knew. It gives in a realness that the discipline, while it may seem harsh to us, was meant to teach and correct and came from a place of love and concern. Thanks for your kind words!! It is nice to see more comments here!! Hope you are enjoying the website!!

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