Dallas Spanks Hard – Website Review

Reviews will consist of 4 areas. Presentation, Navigation, Value/Quality, Extras It will be a 5 Star Rating for each section


Dallas Spanks Hard has a clean presentation. A mostly black background, it puts the focus on the images in videos in front of you. From the main screen you are greeted by the Dallas Spanks Hard at the top and the links to the various sections underneath. Scrolling down, you will see spanking pictures and videos from his most recent and backwards the further you scroll down. You can get a pretty good idea of what you will be getting if you decide to subscribe to the site, as there are lots of pictures and some video samples of his huge catalogue of spanking videos. Dallas Spanks Hard is a straight forward and very appropriately named as that is what it is, a site about attractive girls getting spanked hard. Dallas pulls no punches, as it were, and even his hand spankings leave a model very sore.

There are videos with certain themes and fantasy role play elements to them, like the ‘I Spank Lucy’ theme after and inspired by ‘I Love Lucy’. By the way, the actual ‘I Love Lucy’ show did feature some spanking on it, with Lucy getting spanked by Ricki for bad things she had done. That is probably where Dallas got the idea.

In my personal opinion though, his best work consists of punishing models for real life reasons. This just seems more real to me and more fun to watch.

As a whole, the presentation is pretty good and it easy to see what you will be getting for your money.

4 out of 5 Stars

Navigation on the site is pretty straight forward. Once you have an active subscription and you are logged in, then you will easily see the different sections available to you on the site. Videos, pictures, forum, Fun, and more. Clicking on a link will take you directly there. Clicking on the videos link will open up his entire catalogue of videos. They seem to be posted from most recent update to oldest update, with seperate sections of videos having their own update link. The good news is that once you click on any given film, it will have all the episodes available to you for download or streaming play. I do beleive most, if not all of these are in the MPEG format.

If I have one small gripe about the navigation, it is that it can be overwelming when you go in and see all the videos. Also, there is no search function to either search by model, position, or implement and I think that is a missed opportunity. But as a whole, it is pretty easy to navigate.

4 out of 5 Stars


As far as the Value of this site, I would say it is excellent. It absolutely delivers what you would expect from its namesake. You will be seeing girls spanked hard often to the point of tears. You will see some big names here too. Amelia Jane Rutherford, Amber Pixie Wells, Stevie Rose, Audrea Knight, and many other greats are here. There are also some relatively unknowns that are not seen elsewhere and have that girl next door quality about them. Some of the most interesting ones are the never been spanked before girls that come to Dallas seeking help in their personal lives. These shoots often consist of less severe spankings than some of the more experienced models might receive, but that is not to take away from the severity of even a Dallas hand spanking. (side note: one girl made the mistake of telling Dallas that hand spankings aren’t that bad, big mistake. Dallas had her in tears by the end of her first hand spanking.) Dallas often uses a timer and will deliver a 1 to 3 minute hand spanking to start off with. For some of the more inexperienced girls, that is as far as it goes, but even they are feeling pretty sore and sorry at the end of their session. For those that love more severe spanking, that is definitely here too, in spades. Hairbrushes, Paddles of many different sizes, straps, canes, and many other more severe implements are used effectively and very hard. Be warned, this site is not for the timid. Bottoms are often severely marked and bruised at the end of the more intense sessions, but all models seem to leave in good spirits and changed by their experience.

A quick note on quality. The quality of the content is excellent. The overall video quality is good. It does vary, with the older stuff not being in as high a quality. The quality of the spankings more than makes up for the videos not being in HD. Also, I do love the fact that he uses a good mix of both bottom shots and facial reactions during his videos. I would say the overall quality and value is excellent on this site and you do get a lot of bang for your buck.

5 out of 5 Stars


Extras is a hard thing to rate, but I will try. Dallas seems to include a decent amount of extras, from fun behind the scenes looks, a few short stories, bloopers and more. While it may not be considered an extra, I do like how he often starts his videos with an extensive interview. You feel like you get to know the models before you get to see them get spanked. Overall, I would say there is a decent amount of fun little extras.

4 out of 5 Stars


Dallas Spanks Hard is a quality website for hard spanking action. Hard over the knee hand spankings to hard hairbrush spanking, to paddling and canings leaving a girl in tears. If you are into hard spanking action, then this is the place for you. Dallas is a genuine spanko, and a master at his craft. He is really second to none when it comes to severity, but seems like a fun guy that girls enjoy shooting with.

I give this site the overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars!!


  1. Hello ;
    Nice review 🙂
    Since i am consedering taking a one month Subscription , i wanted to know first if there is any exclusive Photoset of Scarlet ( my favorite actress by far^^) or photoset of her fantastic movies?
    Thanks in advance


    1. Dear Oncaptor,

      Thanks for your comment!! I wrote this review quite a while back now, and as I don’t currently have a membership, I cannot recall all the details. My focus when I downloaded stuff from his site tended to be more the video section, but I do believe he has stills from most, if not all of his videos!! They may not be as extensive as some sites, but I think there is still a good amount of them. As far as Scarlett specifically, I cannot recall how much there is of her in still picture form. (Great choice of models by the way, one of the hottest by far in my opinion!!)

      I am sorry that I cannot give you a better answer than that. There is lots of great content on his site and I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed in a one month membership!!


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