About Stories on this Site – Please Read First

The stories I post on this site are fictional spanking stories. I want to be clear here; I in no way advocate the spanking of children in real life, and believe there are better ways to parent nowadays. My stories often contain the spanking of teens to younger children as it is only fiction. These stories do not represent how I feel about spanking of actual kids today and I would actual be in opposition to it. I just beleive that it is looked down upon as society as a whole and one must consider the long term effects on the child as well. While parents have used this form of correction on their children for hundreds, if not thousands of years, I think parents have a duty to raise their kids with the children’s best interest in mind. Kids grow into adults and how we are raised does impact our future relationships, much more than we want to admit.

Please know that I do not condone the use of spanking on real kids. My stories are not meant to be a political statement by any means. Again, the truth is, I think there are better ways to parent a child these days and other forms of discipline that can be used as an alternative to spanking.

Who are my stories for then?

So, you might be thinking, who are these stories for then? Well, they are for individuals, over the age of 18 with an interest in spanking. If you like reading about make beleive children being disciplined in this manner, than you are in the right place. My stories will deal primarily with the discipline spanking of children, teens and young adults. That is not to say that I will never write stories with consensual spanking in them, it just isn’t high on my list. Again, these stories in no way reflect my own views on spanking of children, teens, or adults.

Spanking should only be done between consenting adults. That doesn’t mean they can’t be done for discipline, because they can, just that there needs to be some kind of agreement or understandment between the parties engaging in these kinds of activities, with some clear rules and limits established beforehand. We will chat more about that later.

I just wanted to make clear that although my stories contain the spanking of make believe children in them; I in no way advocate the use of spanking for children in real life. Now that is out of the way, I hope you enjoy the stories.

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