Santa Spanks Eleonora: Alice’s perspective

Santa Spanks Eleonora: Alice’s perspective

A story written by HonestRespectfulGuy

Disclaimer: All Spanking Stories on this site are fiction and are in no way meant to advocate the spanking of real children. My stories are meant to be read by individuals 18 years of age and older. If you are under 18 years old, please leave this site as it does contain some mature subject matter.

Alice was very excited!! Today was the day they were
going to a Christmas Party and Santa was going to be there. She had been looking forward to this event since her mother had told her about it two weeks ago. She couldn’t wait to tell Santa how good she had been and some of the things she wanted for Christmas.

There were a lot of things Alice wondered about Santa; like how he managed to get all those presents to all the children of the world in one night, and many other questions she had, but that was what made him so special and mysterious. She also wondered how Santa knew what she wanted. She could still remember last Christmas when she had received so many dolls and toys that she had wanted, it was the best Christmas ever. This year her mom had told her to write a list out for Santa of some of the things she might want for Christmas. She had spent this last week making a list to Santa that she was going to show him this coming Saturday at the Christmas Party!!

Today, which was now Saturday, was the day Alice had been waiting for. She was so excited to see Santa and have the chance to visit with some of her cousins at the party.

“Are you ready to go to the party Alice”, her mom asked her. It would be just her mom and her going to the party this year as her dad was off on a business trip.

“Yes Mommy”, Alice answered excitedly, “I can’t wait”.

They both got into the car and drove towards the hall where they were holding the Christmas Party. When they got there, several other guests had already arrived and the place looked to be bustling with activity. Once they headed inside, it didn’t take long for Alice to spot some of her other cousins that were around her age or slightly older. She ran over to them to say hi and play with them for a while. Santa had yet to arrive at the party, but was supposed to be there in about 15 minutes. Alice couldn’t wait!! She loved Santa and wanted to tell him what a good girl she had been this year. Alice always tried to be kind to others, to share her toys and play nice with others. That was how she was being raised. Her mom always taught her to be kind to others and to share. Her mom wasn’t overly strict, but if Alice did something really naughty, she would get a time out, or sometimes if it was really bad, a spanking. Her mother didn’t spank her very often, but it was something Alice tried to avoid as best she could. They hurt a lot and made her bottom sting terribly. She knew her mother didn’t like to ever have to spank her and only used it for very serious things, like when she ran out into the road in front of traffic in the summer. Her mom had yelled at her and grabbed her arm and took her into the kitchen and lectured her about running into the street like she had. After a short, but very stern lecture, her mom had pulled her over her lap and smacked her bottom 10 very hard times. Alice had cried so hard for the longest time after that spanking, but it had taught her a very important lesson. After her spanking, her mom hugged her and let Alice cry into her arms for the longest time. It had been a good lesson and one that she wouldn’t soon forget.

Alice saw Santa as he headed for the big red chair that was set up for him to sit in. All dressed in his big red suit with big black boots and big black belt, he had a big while beard and the red Santa hat on his head. Alice couldn’t help herself from jumping up and down. She was so excited. Santa was finally here!!

Noise in the Hall got much louder as all the kids wanted to be first to see Santa. Their parents tried to keep them calm and encourage them to all wait their turn. Someone else approached the spot where Santa would be sitting and giving out little presents and candy canes. It was an elf, one of Santa’s helpers dressed in mostly green. Upon closer inspection, she could see it was her older cousin, Eleonora, and Alice giggled a little. The costume that Eleonora was wearing had green leotards, green top and she was wearing elf shoes with bells on them, and a hat that had elf ears on it. It was super funny to Alice!! She couldn’t help but notice a frown on Eleonora’s face. It didn’t look like she was enjoying wearing this costume.

All the kids started to line up in front of Santa and Alice ended up way down the line. The line seemed to take forever, as the kids approached Santa and sat on his lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. He gave them each a gift bag that included a candy cane, other treats, like cookies, and some kind of gender and age appropriate gift. Alice was super excited for her turn.

It took close to an hour for her to finally be getting close to the end of the line and reach Santa. Santa’s elf helper, Eleonora, came over to talk to Alice.

Eleonora knelt next to little Alice and asked her if she was ready to go see Santa. Alice excitedly said that she was. But before she started to go to see Santa, Eleonora started to tell her that Santa wasn’t real, and that it was just her uncle in a Santa costume. After a bit of back and forth conversation, Alice began to get very upset.

Everyone’s attention was captured by the words, “That’s not true”, from little Alice. Alice practically had tears in her eyes as she was becoming very upset at what Eleonora was telling her. A crowd started to gather and just then Santa came to see what was going on.

“What seems to be going on here”, Santa’s voice was anything but friendly just then. He actually seemed angry. Alice tried to explain what had happened, but she had a hard time getting the words out.

“There, there Alice, it is okay”, Santa reassured her. Just then, one of her other cousins explained what had happened. Santa listened to the story and then started to get very upset. Upon hearing what his elf helper, Eleonora had been saying, he got very angry and grabbing her by the arm said, “well, I think I have a naughty little elf to deal with right now, if you will all excuse me”.

Grabbing Eleonora by the upper arm, Santa led her back to his big red chair. Still lecturing her the whole way there about telling lies about Santa, he proceeded to pull her over his knees. Eleonora tried to offer resistance, but was no match for Santa, who had the naughty elf over his knees in no time. Santa moved quickly and while still scolding his elf helper, he began to spank her bottom hard. The sound of the smacks on her bottom echoed through the hall and it wasn’t long before Eleonora began to cry. At first they were just whimpers, but after a sustained minute of Santa’s hard hand smacking Eleonora’s bottom without even stopping, he whimpers soon became wails and outright bawling. When Santa paused and proceeded to pull down Eleonora’s leotards and panties, she started squirming and desperately begging Santa to stop what he was doing. She kept calling him Uncle Henry, which seemed to make Santa even more angry and he just seemed to spank even harder. “It is Santa, young lady”, Santa would say without even pausing his spanking. On and on the spanking went. Santa’s hand coming down hard on Eleonora’s now bare backside, again and again. She was fitfully kicking her legs and bawling like a 5 year old by now.

Alice had been happy when at first Santa had approached Eleonora and started scolding her. She had even watched with great interest when he brought her to his big red chair. Alice was captivated when Santa put her over his knees and started spanking her. She thought it was funny that a big girl like Eleonora would be brought down by Santa. She thought she could use a little humility. But the longer the spanking lasted, the more Alice started to feel sorry for Eleonora. It had passed the point of being funny anymore and was becoming almost scary to little Alice. Hearing her cousin cry so desperately, begging Santa to stop was making little Alice sad. What had started out as funny, was now just scary and she wanted Santa to stop spanking Eleonora.

Overwhelmed by the scene in front of her, Alice couldn’t stand to watch anymore. She ran away to find her mom. She was starting to cry and when she found her mom, she jumped into her arms and burst into tears. Her little heart ached at the sound of her older cousin being punished by Santa and she couldn’t take it anymore. Finally the sound of Eleonora’s spanking stopped and all that could now be heard was her sniffling and continued crying. Alice held tight to her mom and eventually her own tears and crying stopped. Her mom just hugged her and tried to reassure her that it was alright. As Alice’s mother released her from her arms, she saw Eleonora heading to the washrooms still crying. Little Alice’s heart broke for her cousin. She had never wanted Eleonora to be punished like that. She had thought it was funny at first, but now she felt very bad for her cousin and just wanted to give Eleonora a hug.

“Do you want to go see Santa now honey?”, Alice’s mother asked her.

“No thank you”, Alice said, she was terrified to go see Santa now. How could Santa be so cruel to her cousin. She had started out the day very excited to go see Santa, but now she didn’t even want to go near him.

“But you have been excited for this all week”, her mother tried to encourage her again.

“Santa is mean and I don’t like him”, Alice said with all the attitude and defiance of a 4 year old. Alice’s mom wasn’t angry with that answer as she understood her daughter’s fear from what had happened. She was a bit angry that Uncle Henry had thought it necessary to so publicly spank Eleonora. Last year when he had spanked Justin for being a bully and being mean to kids was one thing. At least Justin had been taken to another room to be punished. But to publicly humiliate Eleonora like this was really not acceptable.

It was just around this time that Eleonora’s father came in from outside as he had been talking to one of the other uncles at the time this whole thing went down. He quickly got a sense that something was wrong and upon hearing what had happened got very angry. His anger was very apparent as he walked over to talk to Santa. They exchanged some heated words and it was very evident that Eleonora’s father was not happy about what had happened. Alice didn’t hear the whole conversation, but she did hear at one point, “you had NO Right”, that Eleonora’s father had practically shouted at Santa. Alice hugged her mommy and quietly asked, “Can we go home now mommy”. “Sure honey, we can go home. Why don’t we stop and see Santa quickly on the way out, I think he has something for you”, Alice’s mother said with a smile.

“I don’t want to see Santa, he is scary”, Alice was adamant she didn’t want to go see Santa. “I will be with you honey, so nothing bad will happen. I will be right beside you, ok”, Alice’s mother was trying to encourage her. “Ok, I guess so”, Alice finally conceded.

Alice and her mother headed over to go see Santa as it looked like Eleonora’s father was now heading in the direction of the washrooms, presumably to go comfort Eleonora. They both approached Santa who seemed caught off guard by their approach. He quickly smiled when he saw little Alice though and invited her to come sit on his lap. Alice just shook her head no and wouldn’t move from her mother’s side. “She just wanted to tell you what she wanted for Christmas, but I think she is afraid of you now”, Alice’s mother answered for her. “Go ahead and tell Santa what you want for Christmas”, her mother encouraged her. “I want Fashion Smart Barbie”, Alice said quietly. “The Fashion Smart Barbie, that sounds like a good choice for a well behaved girl”, Santa said to her. “Well, if that is what you want for Christmas, then that is what you shall have”, Santa assured her. “Can I get a hug from Alice, my sweetheart”, Santa asked Alice. Alice nervously approached Santa and gave him a quick hug, and then quickly ran back into the arms of her mom. “Can we go home now mommy”, Alice asked her mother. “Oh wait, here is a little gift bag for you my dear Alice”, Santa said to the little girl, giving her the gift bag with a candy cane, some other treats and a toy inside. Alice managed a little smile as she opened the gift bag and headed back to her mother. After that, both Alice and her mother left the hall and headed home. Alice was exhausted from a long day and was looking forward to going home.

2 Weeks Later (December 25th, Christmas Day)

Alice had excitedly opened all her presents at 6 am Christmas morning. She had spent all morning playing with her new toys, including the Fashion Smart Barbie that she had asked Santa for. It was the last present she had unwrapped and said it was from Santa. Unknown to Alice, her Uncle Henry had indeed been the one to purchase the Barbie for her. He had felt bad about the incident and about scaring little Alice so bad. They had taken a video of Alice opening the gift from Santa as they knew Uncle Henry would want to see it. Everyone wants to put that whole incident behind them.

Guests started to arrive at Alice’s parents home for Turkey Dinner around 1pm on Christmas Day. Alice started to play with some of her cousins when she saw Eleonora and her family come into the house. Alice ran up to Eleonora, before Eleonora could even get her coat off she gave her the biggest hug. “Hey kiddo, what was that for”, Eleonora asked Alice. “I am just happy to see you”, Alice said with a smile. Eleonora smiled back at her little cousin. “Hey listen, I am sorry about what I said at that Christmas party”, Eleonora apologized to her cousin. “That’s okay, I forgive you”, Alice said with another smile. “Come, I want to show you what Santa got me for Christmas”, Alice said excitedly and led her cousin to all her new toys.

Both Alice, Eleonora and all the other cousins had a great time together Christmas Day playing games, singing songs, they even went outside and played in the snow together for a while. All was forgotten about the incident two weeks ago and a wonderful time was had by all.


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