Book Review Outline

An Overview of how I will review books on this website.  These will be books on Amazon that I have purchased on their Kindle store.   All the books that I review should be available for purchase should you be interested.  First of all, I will mostly be reviewing books that I like as a way of endorsing them and what I like about them.  I won’t likely review books that I don’t like as much as I don’t want to spend my time doing that.  That being said, not all books will receive the same score.  This will be mainly based on how much I like the story, so yes, it is personal opinion, but aren’t all reviews to some extent.  Also, when possible, I will include a free preview of the story, if it is provided by Amazon.  Hopefully this will give you a good idea if this story might be for you too.

What I like in a story?

  • Good characters and good character development
    • While I don’t mind some stories that skip straight to the action, I prefer to get to know the characters a bit before skipping straight to the action
  • Describe the action (good descriptive words to help you picture the action)
    • While good characters are great, if you skip over the action in a couple of sentences, then there is no payoff.  This is after all a spanking story, please describe the spanking so we can imagine it in our minds.
  • Descent Length
    • Doesn’t have to be super long, but long enough to get to know the characters to some extent is nice
    • Compilations are also great when at least 2 to 3 of the stories are really good
  • Well Written
    • Few spelling or grammar mistakes
    • Good sentence structure and punctuation
    • Good flow to the story
  • OTK (Over the Knee)
    • I think it only fair to pre-warn you, that I am very biased towards otk spanking.  In other words, I like OTK almost exclusively.  That is not to take away from other positions, it is that this is the only position that appeals to me.
    • These can be spankings givin’ with hand, hairbrush, slipper, wooden spoon, small paddles.  Basically as long as the person (girl) being spanked is over the knees of the person spanking them, that is what I like.
    • Almost exclusively OTK as I don’t care to read about spankings giving in other positions for the most part.  It is just everything about OTK that I like.  The preparation of the individual leading up to a spanking.  Hearing phrases in the story, like the command from the parent to “Bend over my knees, young lady”.  To reading about how vulnerable she feels while being put into such a childish and embarrassing position.
  • Good ending that leaves you wanting more, but satisfied with what you get

Hopefully with this outline of how I will be judging stories, you can get an understanding if these ideals align with your own.  Hopefully, I can let those know that may have similar interests to my own, where they too can find good spanking stories that they might enjoy.

Thanks for checking out my reviews.  Keep checking back for more reviews soon.  Also, if there is a particular book on Amazon that you want to know if I have read and what my thoughts are on it, please don’t hesitate to message me in the comments.  If I have read the book, then I can make it an upcoming review as soon as possible. 

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