A Bitter Sweet Night for Julie – Book Review

A Bitter Sweet Night for Julie: A Dream Date with Jay, A Spanking from Dad by H. Matt Synnot

Book Review by HonestRespectfulGuy

I wanted to start with one of my favorite stories that I purchased on the Kindle Store on Amazon.  This is one of the earlier stories that I purchased on Amazon and still one of my favorites today. The story has kind of a long title, A Bitter Sweet Night for Julie: A Dream Date with Jay, A Spanking from Dad.  The book is appropriately named as it delivers on exactly what the title says.

The Plot:

Very briefly, the plot is basically about a 16-year-old girl going on her first date with this boy named Jay.  She is very excited about getting to finally date as this is the magic year that her parents finally allowed her to date.  It is established very early on in the book that Julie’s parents are very conservative and it waste no time in letting you know that they believe in corporal punishment in the form of bare bottom over the knee spankings for their three daughters.  Julie is the oldest of three daughters in the family at 16, with two younger sisters, Lydia at 14 and Sarah at 12.  While Julie understands her parents still using spanking on her two younger sisters, she is beginning to feel that she is getting too old to be spanked by her parents anymore.  Unfortunately for her, her parents do not share in this belief and this sets up the events of this story.

The story starts with Julie’s excitement for her upcoming date with Jay, before moving into the date itself.  Jay and Julie have a good time on the date, lose track of time and Julie is almost an hour late from her curfew.  With strict, conservative parents, Julie is ordered up to her room and promised a spanking for coming home so late past her curfew.  The story goes into great detail as she anticipates her spanking from her parents and does a great job of describing the actual spanking.

Why I like this story?

I like how this story sets up its characters.  You really feel like you are looking into the life of a 16-year-old girl that lives in a very loving, but conservative household.  With the title of the book you know what you are likely getting and this book certainly delivers the goods.  Well written, great plot development and great description of the action.  It is very easy to picture things in you mind as you read through this story and picture a 16-year-old girl getting spanked over the knees of her parents.  It does a great job of helping you see things through the eyes of Julie, but also understand her parents point of view as well.  There are also some surprises along the way that go into setting up the other stories in this series.

For continued Reading:

If you do buy this book and like it, there are two more books in the series. 

Julie Gets Revenge as Sarah Gets a Spanking


Julie’s Rude Awakening

Both of these follow-up books are great as well and I highly recommend them if you like the first one.  As far as other stories this author has written, I am sure they are written well, but the content didn’t interest me.  His other stories have more to do with the spanking of boys, with some of them containing gay sex, which is not my thing.  I do however recommend this set of stories from this author as they are well written with a good plot and believable characters.  Also great description of the action so you can easily picture it in your mind.  Still one of my favorites for sure.

Star Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars!!

Sample Excerpt from the book

Julie was about to discover what would happen when she arrived home late from her date and the following is an excerpt from the book:

Her parents walked into the front hall just as Julie was closing the front door behind her. She looked flustered as she saw them both standing there and at that moment there was no doubt that she was in trouble. Mom and Dad momentarily felt an overwhelming sense of relief that was displayed when Mom walked over to her and gave her the hug and asked: “Are you alright?”

She looked down slightly. “I’m OK Mom. I know I’m late. Sorry”

As the hug ended Dad wasted no time in asking the crucial question. “What caused you to be over an hour late?”

Julie said the only thing she could think of, which was the truth. “We just lost track of the time that’s all.”

He momentarily looked over at his wife who was slowly shaking her head in disapproval that reminded him of the discussion they had held only moments ago. Dad’s face was expressionless as he spoke to Julie. “That means you’d better go upstairs to your room and wait for us because you’re going to get a spanking.”

Julie wasn’t prepared for that news. “But Dad…”

Now it was Mom’s turn to speak and her voice was icy. “It’s not open to discussion. Get that bottom of yours upstairs NOW!”

Julie’s eyes began to well up with tears as she looked at both of them for a moment before she bit her lip and hurried up the stairs in obvious distress at this development. When she got to her room she closed the door behind her and felt her stomach churning at the prospect lying before her. The night had been so wonderful and it had made her feel like an adult but in a flash she was waiting in her room for a spanking like she had when she was a young girl. Diverging thoughts were flowing through her mind. First of all she was fully aware that a spanking always hurt to some degree and the only question was how much it would and as that was going through her mind her hands reached back and rubbed her bottom. Not only would that experience ruin the entire night for her but secondly she also realized the sound it made would alert Lydia and Sara that she was getting spanked and thus add to her embarrassment and spoil it even more. They also got their share of the over the knee treatment but they were fourteen and twelve that was OK because she had gotten them also at their ages but now she was sixteen! 

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