Santa Spanks Eleonora

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A fictional story of an 18-year-old girl being spanked by her uncle dressed as Santa. Enjoy!! Story written by HonestRespectfulGuy


Eleonora was excited for Christmas, it had always been one of her favorite times of the year. She was looking forward to the Christmas break and time off of school. One thing that she wasn’t excited for this coming weekend. This weekend they are having a bit of an early Christmas Party at their house with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins coming in for it. Her one uncle, uncle Henry was going to be dressing up as Santa for the event and they would be taking photos with Santa for anyone that wanted one. The event itself isn’t what she was dreading, it was that her mother had volunteered her services to help for the event. The worst part, she had to dress up as an elf. It was a silly costume, mostly green with jingle bells on her ankles and a silly hat that
had fake elf ears on it.

“This sucks”, Eleonora thought to herself. “I am 18 years old now and mom still treats me like a child”.

Eleonora remembered the conversation she had with her mother when she had tried to object to dressing up as an elf and helping out at this event. It was not a conversation that had ended well, with a very stern warning that if she pushed the issue there would be consequences.

“Mom, can’t I just help with the food or setting the table or something else, please”, Eleonora thought back to her objections to her mom.

“What’s wrong with helping with the kids and taking photos with Santa”, her mother had questioned her.

“I just don’t want to be stuck babysitting all the little brats that’s all, and I don’t want to wear that ridiculous costume”, Eleonora had firmly replied to her mother. Upon more reflection, perhaps she had raised her voice a bit too much.

“It’s not babysitting, it is helping and I don’t think I like your tone young lady”, her mother had said firmly. “As far as the costume goes, you always used to love dressing up as an elf at Christmas time”.

“Yeah well,, I am not 5 anymore and I don’t want to wear that silly costume”, she had replied to her mother, but it was what she muttered under her breath that almost earned her a spanking on the spot. “Gawd mom, you can be so dense sometimes’ ‘, she had barely whispered, but somehow her mom had caught some of it and had jumped right on her case.

“Excuse me young lady; what did you just say to me”, her mother had asked her in a very firm tone.

Eleonora remembered feeling her heart race a bit and her bottom instinctively tingled a bit at her mother’s firm tone.

“Nothing mom”, she had answered back meekly hoping her mother wouldn’t press the issue.

“It wasn’t nothing young lady, I heard you muttering something under your breath and if you have something to say to me, then just say it”, her mother kept pressing.

“It was nothing mom, I was just frustrated because you weren’t listening to me”, she replied hoping that would satisfy her mom.

“I was listening to you and quite frankly I don’t like what I have been hearing. You sound like a whiny child that pouts when they don’t get their way and you know what happens to pouty, naughty children don’t you Leona”, her mother still had a stern tone to her voice. “What, they get sent to their room”, Eleonora had replied to her mom in a somewhat sarcastic tone as she didn’t want to be treated like a child by her mother. That comment and the way she had said it had almost earned her a spanking on the spot. She couldn’t forget the look of anger in her mother’s eyes and had instantly regretted her decision to be smart with her mom.

“ELEONORA, How dare you talk to me like that YOUNG LADY”, her mother had answered her very angrily. “Do you want a spanking young lady?”, her mother had said, placing her hands on her hips.

‘What a stupid, rhetorical question’, Eleonora had thought to herself but didn’t say as she didn’t want to get herself into even more trouble. ‘I mean, really, what kid is going to say, why yes mommy, I would really like a spanking, can you please take me over your knee and spank me hard. Parents can be so stupid sometimes’, Eleonora had continued to think. But all she had said to her mother was

“No mom, I am really sorry”, and then offered her a weak excuse about being tired after studying for exams. It was an unfortunate fact that even at the age of eighteen years old, she still got spanked on occasion. Oh, not too often, but she knew it to be anything but an empty threat. Thankfully her mother had bought that excuse and hadn’t pressed the issue any further, other than to say “I want to see a change in your attitude Eleonora and quickly or you and I will be having a very serious discussion and you know the kind of discussion I am talking about”.
“Yes mom”, was all Eleonora had said back to her mom before retreating to her room to escape for a while.

After that failed talk with her mom, any chance to get out of helping at the coming family event seemed to be disappearing. She eyed the stupid elf costume in her closet and it just made her angrier. Her uncle always really got into his role as Santa and he would probably come up with some silly name for her as his elf assistant. The more she thought about it, the more upset it made her. ‘Stupid costume’, Eleonora thought herself. ‘God, why does she have to go volunteering me for these stupid things anyway’.


Uncle Henry drove into town to visit with his family and play the role of Santa Claus at the annual Christmas party for the whole extended family. As part of tradition, his eldest niece Eleonora would be helping by dressing up as an elf while they took photos with Santa. Uncle Henry really enjoyed playing the role of Santa and bringing the joy to the kids. A lot of the younger kids were still fooled by him and he always made sure to get into the character…lots of ho ho ho’s and Merry Christmas to the little girls and boys. Of course the older kids and teens knew it was him playing the part, but he insisted they keep it to themselves. He still remembered the one year he had to scold Eleonora when she had tried to spoil the fun for the younger kids. He had promised to give her a spanking if she didn’t stop trying to spoil the day
for everyone else. It had been anything but an empty threat.

Uncle Henry was a strict man with his own kids that were all grown up and moved out to their own homes and had families of their own now. It had never been a secret that Uncle Henry was a strong advocate of corporal punishment. With three kids of his own, they had all felt his hard hand spanking their often bare bottoms when necessary. Thankfully, as they got older, he had to spank them less and less often, but they weren’t immune until they moved out. He had spanked his youngest daughter, Victoria a week before she had moved out of home and she
was twenty-one at the time. His kids knew to fear his spankings and as a result usually got into less trouble as a result. His discipline wasn’t restricted to just his own kids as he had spanked other of his family’s kids when necessary.

Just last year, his brother Derek’s oldest boy Justin was being a real pain to the other kids at the Christmas Party and after repeated warnings from his dad to behave, Uncle Henry had to step in and correct the boy. At seventeen years old, Justin thought himself too old to be spanked, but his dad had warned him and so had Uncle Henry. Uncle Henry knew his brother Derek, while not opposed to spanking his children, had mostly moved to grounding and other punishments for his kids. But with the attitude that Justin was putting up that day, he had well and truly earned a good spanking and Uncle Henry was only too happy to give it to him. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when Justin had decided to try pulling down Uncle
Henry’s Santa beard in front of all the younger children. Luckily, Henry had been ready for it and quickly grabbed the boys hand and stood up and quickly gave the boy three hard smacks on his bottom. These were attention grabbers designed to get the boys attention, and although they were over a clothed bottom, it had definitely worked. For a good thirty seconds Uncle Henry had stared down Justin, not letting go of his hand, before finally deciding on a course of action.

It should be mentioned that last year, the party was hosted at a church. Uncle Henry
took a very startled Justin, protesting to his uncle the whole way. Uncle Henry decided on a classroom containing many folding chairs, pulled one out, sat down and proceeded pulling a squirming Justin over his knee.

“How dare you try to ruin Christmas for all the kids out there and their parents”, Uncle Henry recalled saying. “You are going to be one very sorry young man when I get done with you”, and with that said, Uncle Henry started spanking the boy very, very hard. Only his hand was needed, but after about ten hard smacks to Justin’s jean clad bottom, he put Justin back on his feet and ordered him to take down his pants. Man oh man, did Justin start begging like a little child, but when Uncle Henry threatened him with the belt instead, he reluctantly complied. And once Justin was back over his knees, he decided to pull down his underwear as well. Justin had tried to protest, but all to no avail, as his bottom was bared and ready for a proper spanking. And a proper spanking Justin had received. Long, hard bare bottom spanking that left the seventeen-year-old boy crying and kicking his legs. Uncle Henry had made sure not to stop until he knew that Justin was very sorry for his immature and foolish behavior. He was sure it had been a very memorable lesson for the boy. He also hoped it wouldn’t be something he would need to repeat again this year, on Justin or any other of the nieces or nephews for that matter.

Uncle Henry pulled into the driveway of his niece Eleonora’s parents home as that was where he would be staying while in town. He would be in town for just short of a week and was glad to have some time to visit with friends and family while he was in town. As he got out of his car and headed towards the house, he saw his niece, Eleonora, heading towards him and he embraced her in a big hug when she reached him.

“Hi Uncle Henry”, Eleonora said while she embraced her uncle. Despite not being excited about the Christmas party, she was still glad to see her uncle. Uncle Henry was a very kind and generous man, and he often spoiled Eleonora at Christmas time. He worked as a stockbroker and did very well for himself, but he used his money generously to often spoil his nieces and nephews. Eleonora still remembered the camping trip he had taken her and a few of her cousins on and it was a lot of fun. If it could even be called camping that is. Uncle Henry had a large trailer that needed to be towed by a big pick-up truck. That had been a really fun trip, with only one small incident where she had been warned by her uncle about her behavior. It was a
warning she had taken seriously though as her uncle didn’t make idle threats. He hadn’t used the word spanking when he was scolding her, but the threat was there. If she remembered correctly, he said something to the effect of ‘you better change your attitude young lady, or you are going to be very sorry when we get back to the trailer’. Knowing that Uncle Henry had used spanking on his own kids, Eleonora didn’t have to use too much imagination to picture what might happen if she didn’t change her attitude.

Eleonora was also no stranger to getting spanked at home. Although her father was never the one to spank her, he was always in strong support of her mother’s decision to use corporal punishment on Eleonora. Admittedly, it was only recently that her mother had actually gone back to using this method of discipline on Eleonora. There was a window of about four years where her mother seemed to be trying other methods of discipline on her, but something changed after her mother had a conversation with her grandmother. She could only imagine what her grandmother had said to make her mother go back to this old fashioned way of disciplining her. Her grandmother was always a strong advocate of corporal punishment and
believed it to be very helpful to young growing children, even teenagers. She felt that young ladies opt to learn many of the important aspects of running a household and if they don’t learn them well, then they should be disciplined until they do learn.


Eleonora woke up Saturday morning to the smell of bacon and eggs, one of her favorite breakfast foods. Her mother often got up early on the weekends to fix breakfast for the family and with Uncle Henry staying here this week, she was sure to be doing that a few times over the course of his visit. Eleonora slipped out of bed and slipped into her slippers. She was still wearing her nightgown that she wore to bed, so she grabbed her bathrobe to throw on over top of it. She headed downstairs where she could hear Christmas music playing and her dad, uncle and mom all talking. It sounded like her dad and Uncle Henry were sharing stories and there was a lot of laughter coming from the kitchen.

“Hi sleepyhead”, her mother greeted her as she walked into the kitchen. “Help yourself to some bacon and there is still a bunch of scrambled eggs, it is all on the stove keeping warm in the frying pan”.

“It smells great mom”, Eleonora replied to her mom as she made her way over to the stove where the food was keeping warm. There was already a plate set out for her, so she grabbed it and took a large scoop of scrambled eggs and five strips of bacon. It all smelled so good and she was very hungry.

“Have a seat over here”, Uncle Henry said to her, motioning to an open chair beside him. Eleonora made her way over to the chair he had pulled out for her.

“Thanks Uncle Henry”, she said, taking a seat and taking a large mouthful of scrambled eggs and then a bite of bacon. “Mmm…this are great mom”, Eleonora gushed to her mom. There was nothing like waking up to the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs.

“So, are you ready to be my elf helper today”, Uncle Henry said, bringing Eleonora out of the food daze she was in.

“Yeah, I guess”, Eleonora said with all the enthusiasm she could muster. She wasn’t about to tell her uncle that she didn’t want to do it at all and that she thought the whole thing was stupid. Memories of what had happened to her cousin Justin the previous year when he had attempted to take Uncle Henry’s Santa beard down in front of all the kids were still too strong in her mind. She hadn’t seen the spanking Justin had gotten, but she had sure heard it. She didn’t know that even supposedly grown up boys could cry that loud, but she knew she would probably cry pretty loud if she was getting spanked by Uncle Henry. She had overheard horror stories from his now grown-up kids of some of the spankings he used to give them. Eleonora could distinctly recall a time her oldest cousin Veronica was chatting with some of the other older cousins, and they were talking about things like staying out past curfew. Veronica relayed the story of her last spanking at 18 years old and she said it was horrible. She had said her dad had taken her to her bedroom, pulled out her vanity bench that sat in front of her vanity mirror, used for putting on make-up, and sat down on the bench and pulled Veronica over his knees. Eleonora remembered how her cousin had said she was so scared because her daddy had warned her about repeated curfew violations and this had been the third time. He had promised her a spanking she would not soon forget. Apparently Uncle Henry had used her own hairbrush on her bare bottom until she was screaming and bawling her head off, or at least that was how her cousin had put it. Regardless, she didn’t ever want to find out for herself how one of those spankings felt. Her mom spanked plenty hard enough, but she had no doubt a spanking from Uncle Henry would make her mom’s spankings seem like love pats. Uncle Henry was a fairly strong man and not someone you wanted to tangle with, but he had a heart of gold. He spoiled both his own children and his nieces and nephews.

“What do you mean, you guess”, her Uncle said with a frown. “This is going to be a lot of fun, giving out candy, taking photos with the kids, maybe even singing some Christmas carols too. Now what’s not fun about that?”, her uncle said with a big smile on his face.

Eleonora did have to admit that her uncle’s enthusiasm and sense of humor did make it hard to stay too upset, but she did still have to wear that ridiculous costume. “Oh well”, Eleonora thought to herself, “might as well go get myself ready”.

Half an hour later, everyone was packed into vehicles and off they went to the hall that was rented for the party. They arrived before a lot of the guests as there was still lots of set-up to do before the other guests started to arrive. Eleonora and Uncle Henry had both brought their costumes with them as there would be time to change after the decorating was done. Eleonora was more than okay with this as the least amount of time she was in the costume the better.

It took just over an hour to get out all the decorations they had brought with them and get it all set up, but eventually it was all coming together. They had a stereo playing Christmas music, Eleonora’s mom was in the kitchen they had in the hall getting drinks and food together. It was always quite the event and everyone looked forward to it every year. Well, most everyone that is. Eleonora still felt mopey about the whole thing and just didn’t want to be here. She just found the whole thing all so silly. “Imagine me, an eighteen-year-old girl having to dress up like a ridiculous elf”, Eleonora thought to herself. “The whole thing just makes me so mad”.

As Eleonora was stewing with her own thoughts, she could hear cars pulling up. Before long many of the guests for the party were starting to arrive and there were a lot of them. “Wow, why does there have to be so many people in our family, and so many damn kids”, Eleonora angrily thought to herself.

“I guess you and I better go get ready, eh kiddo”, Uncle Henry said, bringing Eleonora out of her own thoughts.

“If I have to”, Eleonora said reluctantly, really not looking forward to this afternoon’s activities. “Why does there have to be so many darn kids in our family though? I mean haven’t any of them heard of birth control?”, Eleonora blurted out before she realized she probably shouldn’t have said that.

“Excuse me young lady”, her uncle said with a stern look on his face, “that was a pretty rude thing to say”.

“I’m sorry”, Eleonora offered meekly, feeling her face blush.

“And what’s more, I don’t want a lot of sass and attitude out of you today, understand”, her uncle continued with a serious tone of voice that was not to be ignored. “I know you aren’t thrilled about having to do this today, but let’s try to make the best of it and who knows, you might end up having some fun”, her uncle continued.

“I doubt it”, Eleonora couldn’t help herself from saying with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

Uncle Henry grabbed her arm and pulled her into one of vacant rooms that wasn’t being used at the moment. He had a firm grip and there was no getting out of it until he let you go.

“Now you listen here little miss”, Uncle Henry said, his tone now angry. “I will not put up with any attitude, sass, or backtalk today. And I certainly will not have you ruin the day for everyone else, do you understand me”, Uncle Henry shook Eleonora by the arm and gave her a stern look. “Do you remember what happened to your cousin Justin last year”, Uncle Henry continued bringing up the memory that was now all too prevalent in Eleonora’s mind.

“Yes sir”, was all Eleonora could say.

“I assume you don’t want the same thing to happen to you this year”, her uncle was still angry, “do you young lady”.

“No Uncle Henry”, she said quickly and then added, “I am really sorry, I didn’t mean it”

Her uncle seemed to calm down a bit and relaxed his grip on Eleonora’s arm, but he didn’t let it go. “I am only going to say this once, if you give me any kind of trouble today you will be very sorry, do you understand me”, her uncle asked in a very serious tone.

“Yes uncle”, was all she could say back.

“I will not hesitate to turn you over my knees and give you a very sound spanking young lady”, he said and let the words sink in for a minute. “So, if you don’t want to go home today with a sore bottom, I suggest you change that attitude and fast….do you understand me young lady”

“Yes Uncle Henry, I promise I will be as good as gold for the rest of the day”, Eleonora said hoping this would end their conversation.

“Very well, you better go get changed and I will do the same, and remember big smiles today”, her uncle said and left to go get into his Santa costume.

Eleonora went and got her costume and then headed towards one of the washrooms to go get changed into it. Her heart was still racing from the stern telling off her uncle had just given her. Thoughts of her cousin Justin’s spanking last year kept going through her mind and all she could think was she could let that happen to her this year. She didn’t want to know what it felt like to get spanked by her uncle. Being scolded by him was bad enough. She had felt like a naughty five-year-old as her uncle had scolded her, wanting to shrink into the floor. While her uncle could be the most kind and generous man there was, he was also not someone you wanted to get angry. No wonder his kids had some horror stories when it came to discipline. Eleonora could only imagine if being scolded by him was that bad, then being spanked by him would be so much worse.

As Eleonora got dressed into her costume, she decided she better be on her best behavior. Her hope was that it wouldn’t be as bad as she had pictured. Unfortunately, all her resolve disappeared once she exited the washroom wearing that ridiculous costume and saw the huge crowds of kids waiting in line to see Santa. A huge part of her wanted to just run and go sit in the car until the whole stupid event was over.

“Looking good my little elf Leona helper”, her uncle said to her as he came out of the washroom, dressed in his Santa costume. The Santa costume was actually a pretty good one, and Eleonora wasn’t sure where her uncle had gotten it from.

“Don’t call me that”, Eleonora said, a little bit snippy, she was not in the mood for today and a frown started to form on her face. “My name is Eleonora and I am not an elf. I am just an eighteen year old girl, forced into wearing a ridiculous costume for this stupid party”.

“Now, just a minute”, uncle Henry started to say, but was cut off by Eleonora who apparently wasn’t finished yet.

“And what’s more I think this whole thing is ridiculous, I mean fooling kids into believing in a make believe figure and one that glorifies obesity and giving toys to just the good girls and boys of the world. Who’s to say, who is good and bad, and the idea that he is watching you all the time is just plain creepy. I don’t even understand why you would want to dress up like such a character anyways Uncle Henry”, Eleonora continued with her tirade.

“That’s quite enough young lady”, her uncle snapped bringing her back to reality. “I think you have made your point abundantly clear. But let me make a few things clear to you, going forward you will call me Santa when we are around all those kids. Furthermore, I will not have you expressing your ideas around all these kids. These kids are all just here to have some fun and believe in magic and there is nothing wrong with that”.

“Sorry”, Eleonora said as she rolled her eyes. “Heaven forbid I express my ideas and have them thinking for themselves”.

“That is quite enough Eleonora”, her uncle said in a very serious tone. “I advise you to drop the issue right now, unless you would like me to take you back into one of these washrooms and give you a good spanking. Don’t think I won’t do it”.

Over an hour had passed and he was helping kids make their way to Santa Claus to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Eleonora was getting really sick of all the hypocrisy of deceiving these kids. Why was it that parents felt the need to deceive their kids when it came to this whole Santa Clause thing? Eleonora began to devise a plan to enlighten these kids to what was really going on. It was time these kids stopped believing in fairy tales and had a cold dose of reality and she was going to give it to them. She didn’t even care anymore what her uncle had warned her he would do to her. After all, she was his favorite and he would never actually spank her, or at least that was her hope.

As one little girl Alice came up to see Santa, Eleonora decided to put her plan into motion.

“Did you know that isn’t really Santa”, Eleonora whispered in her little cousin’s ear. The little girl was only about 4 years old and still very much believed in Santa.

“What do you mean it isn’t Santa, he looks like Santa to me”, little Alice replied with a huge smile on her face.

“Well he’s not, he’s actually Uncle Henry and do you want to know something else”, Eleonora said, and only paused for a second before proceeding with what she was going to say. “There is no such thing as Santa. It is all make believe, made up to fool kids into being good for their parents”.

“That’s not true”, Alice said with a worried and angry look on her face.

“Sure, it is”, Eleonora continued. “They just want you to behave so they threaten that Santa won’t bring you any presents if you aren’t a really good girl, but it is really your parents that buy you your presents”.

“Nuh Uh”, Alice replied, “Santa brings me my presents, I know because I leave him milk and cookies each year and he always eats them”.

“Well, I am sorry to break it to you, but your parents eat the cookies and drink the milk too”, Eleonora was starting to enjoy breaking down this child’s illusions about Santa. For over an hour she had to watch kid after kid get duped by this Santa fairy-tale and she was getting sick of it. Kids needed to be educated, not fooled into believing in things that weren’t real. Believing in Santa did not prepare you for the real world, and if Eleonora could educate even just one kid, she would be happy.

“That’s not true”, the little girl was starting to pout.

“It is true, just go ahead and have a good close look at Santa and you will see it is actually Uncle Henry”, Eleonora was really getting into bringing down this child’s illusions of Santa Claus.

“No, it’s not true, it’s not true”, little Alice started to cry and this got the attention of some of her other cousin’s as well as some of the mothers and fathers.

“What’s the matter Alice”, one of her older cousin’s Sylvia asked the little girl.

“Eleonora said that Santa isn’t real and she said that he is just made up by our parents to get us to behave”, Alice still had tears in her eyes as she responded to Sylvia.

There was more back and forth discussion with Sylvia trying to get to the bottom of what was going on when a couple of the mothers noticed the commotion and headed towards the growing crowd.

“What seems to be going on here?”, Aunt Cathy asked. Aunt Cathy was Alice’s mother and an aunt to Eleonora. “Are you ok sweetie?”, her aunt asked her daughter.

“She said Santa isn’t real and that you and daddy made the whole thing up just to get me to behave”, little Alice said through tears.

“Oh she did, did she?”, Aunt Cathy said with a scowl crossing her face. “Did you really tell my daughter that there is no such thing as Santa Claus?”, Aunt Cathy asked as she turned and faced Eleonora with a very stern look on her face.

“I just wanted her to know the truth”, Eleonora said defensively. “Why do we have to keep fooling kids for so long anyway. The whole thing is just ridiculous to me anyway”, Eleonora continued her defense of her actions. She didn’t have to stand here and take this.

All the sudden Eleonora felt a firm hand on her shoulder and it startled her. When she looked and saw it was her Uncle Henry, or Santa as everyone else kept calling him at this event, and as she looked into the sternness of his eyes, she felt a chill run down her spine. The words her uncle had said earlier that she was to refer to him as Santa for this event and even more the warning he had given her about giving her a spanking if she was determined to ruin this even for others were replaying through her head now.

“What seems to be going on here”, Uncle Henry said in a voice that made him sound like a kind gentle Santa Claus, but the stern look he shot Eleonora was anything but gentle. As the story came out about what had happened between Eleonora and little Alice, Uncle Henry was getting visibly angry. He was trying to keep his cool of course so as not to lose his temper in front of all these kids, but he kept shooting angry looks at Eleonora and it was making her feel increasingly uneasy.

Uncle Henry knelt down to comfort little Alice. “There, there sweetheart”, her uncle said in a very soothing tone, “there is nothing to worry about, because I am the real Santa, so you just don’t worry about what this naughty little elf has told you”.

“Oh, give me a break, this is so ridiculous Uncle Hen…”, Eleonora started to say but was cut off by her uncle’s firm grip on her right arm.

“I can see I am going to have to deal with this naughty little elf, in the way that both naughty elves and naughty children learn best”, her uncle said dragging her back towards the big Santa chair. “And that is with a good sound spanking for telling lies”, Uncle Henry continued as he reached the Santa chair and sat down. As he sat down he pulled Eleonora to just in front of him, so she was standing facing him.

“Are you ready to learn a lesson you naughty little elf”, her uncle said to her as he pulled her over towards his right knee.

From the moment her uncle had grabbed her right arm and started back towards the big Santa chair, Eleonora began to panic. Was her uncle really going to spank her in front of everyone. Fear and embarrassment and a bit of anger coursed through Eleonora. She couldn’t let this happen, but what could she really do against the strength and power of her uncle. Her uncle was much bigger and stronger than she was. Her heart was racing and she felt her face flushing as her uncle sat down on the Santa chair and pulled Eleonora towards his right knee. She supposed the whole must look pretty darn hilarious to everyone else watching. Here was Santa about to spank one of his naughty elves. But Eleonora wasn’t laughing, in fact she wasn’t amused at all. To her this was very real and the thoughts that kept popping into her head were the sounds of Justin’s crying while he had been spanked the previous year. Eleonora feared this was not going to be any kind of pretend spanking, but a real discipline spanking and she wanted no part of it. She tried to pull away as her uncle pulled her towards his right knee, but he was stronger and the next thing she knew she pulled right over her uncle’s knees. She tried desperately to climb off of his knee, but his left arm was holding her firm around the waist.

Uncle Henry leaned forward and whispered into Eleonora’s ear, “you better stop putting up such a fuss young lady, you are already in enough trouble as it is”.

“Let me go Uncle Henry”, Eleonora said and tried to renew her effort to get off her uncle’s knees.

“That is Santa Claus to you, you naughty little elf”, Santa said to Eleonora and then delivered three sharp smacks to the girls upturned backside. She was still wearing her costume, but the thin leotards she was wearing for this silly elf costume did very little to cushion the sharp blows of her uncle’s hard hand. The smacks surprised Eleonora and nearly took her breath away. After only three smacks of her uncle’s hard hand, Eleonora wondered how she was going to make it through this spanking. She said a silent prayer that her uncle would not smack her bottom too many more times, but that prayer was not to be answered.

All of a sudden Eleonora felt her weight being shifted forwards so that her hands were touching the ground in front of her and her feet were now off the ground behind her. She tried to renew her struggling and squirming to get away, but she wasn’t going anywhere. Her uncle now had her right where he wanted her and she was going to be there for a few painful and very embarrassing minutes now. Smack, Smack, Smack…her uncle’s hand smacked down with precision and purpose. Eleonora kept telling herself not to cry, not with such an audience of onlookers. She knew that almost everyone must be watching this very embarrassing scene and she refused to put on a show for everyone and let them see her cry. But her resolve was quickly dissolving as her uncle continued to bring his hand down hard on Eleonora’s soft backside. This was nothing like the spankings she got from her own mother. Not that her mother’s spankings were any picnic, but Uncle Henry’s hand felt like a paddle and the pain was already starting to build to the unbearable level.

Eleonora continued to squirm and struggle as the pain was really building in her bottom. Uncle Henry had a strong grip on Eleonora’s waist and even with all her squirming and struggling and trying to get free, he had no difficulty holding her in place. Having worked in construction and different landscaping jobs for decades, Uncle Henry’s hand was as hard as a paddle and hurt even worse than when her mom spanked her with the hairbrush. After over two dozen hard smacks to Eleonora’s bottom Uncle Henry suddenly stopped. Eleonora hoped this meant the end of her spanking, but Uncle Henry was not letting her off his lap just yet.
“Now, you naughty little elf”, her uncle said in his Santa Claus voice, “are you ready to tell everyone who I am? Are you ready to confess you were lying to everyone and tell them that I am Santa Claus?”

“But Uncle Henry…”, Eleonora started to protest.

“WHAT DID I TELL YOU TO CALL ME”, her uncle’s angry words were sharp and pointed. “I am Santa Claus young lady, but I can see that we aren’t finished with this learning experience for you are we?”. It was a rhetorical question of course.

“Please Uncle Henry”, Eleonora couldn’t help herself from wailing.

“It’s SANTA, young lady, SANTA”, her uncle put the extra emphasis on the word Santa each time.

All the sudden Eleonora felt her uncle’s hand at the back of her leotards, grabbing them firmly he began to yank them down. I took a couple of sharp yanks of her pants to get them down but before long her leotards were sitting at the top of her thighs. Her bottom was more exposed now, with only a thin pair of panties covering her bottom. Eleonora was starting to really panic now, how could this be happening. She reached her hand back trying to grab for her leotard bottoms, but her uncle quickly slapped her hand away.

“Keep that hand out of my way young lady”, her uncle spoke angrily. “It is high time a naughty little elf learns a very valuable lesson about lying”.

With that statement, Eleonora again felt her uncle’s hand, but this time it was grabbing for her panties.

“No, no no”, Eleonora said over and over again. Fear and panic overwhelming her, not to mention shame and embarrassment that this was happening in front of a captive audience.

“Yes, young lady, this is happening”, her uncle replied before proceeding to pull her panties down, bunching them up next to the leotards at the top of her thighs. Eleonora’s bottom was now as bare as the day she was born. Eleonora renewed her struggling to get off of Uncle Henry’s knees, but it was useless. Uncle Henry was strong and he had a strong grip on Eleonora’s waist. There was no escape, she was stuck there in this super embarrassing position until her uncle let her up.

Without further delay, Uncle Henry began to bring his hand down hard on Eleonora’s now bare bottom. If Eleonora had thought the spanking was bad before, it was becoming really unbearable now. Every smack of his hand felt like pins and needles in her bottom, or maybe it was more like a thousand bees stinging her bottom all at once, whatever the case, Eleonora was quickly losing her composure. With only about two seconds between the swats, Eleonora had barely fully registered the impact and pain of one smack before the next one would come. Her uncle was methodical, smacking one cheek and then the other, back and forth. And then he would concentrate on one particular spot on her bottom, giving it extra attention with seemingly even harder swats for a good 3 to 5 smacks in a row which stung even worse. He did this several times to all areas of her bottom. Eleonora was all out bawling by now, no longer able to hold in her tears. Tears ran down her face and snot was coming out her nose. Eleonora no longer could comprehend anything other than the pain in her bottom. Her uncle was still spanking her bottom and after two whole minutes of spanking, she could not even comprehend how many smacks her uncle had given her bottom. Her bottom felt like it was burning up and she just wanted him to stop. She would promise him anything at this point, even if it meant admitting he was Santa. She knew it was a lie, but right now she didn’t even care, she just wanted the spanking to stop.

Her uncle paused briefly for a second before delivering a series of ten sharp blows to each of her thighs. This had Eleonora squealing in pain, as it somehow hurt even more than her already very sore bottom.

“I am going to give you twenty more, and these are going to be extra hard ones”, her uncle said to her. ‘As if you were going lightly until now”, Eleonora thought to herself, but what she ended up saying to her uncle which came out as pleading was, “no more uncle…er, I mean Santa, no more Santa, please, please, PULLEEZ!!”.

“This is to drive the message home and then it will be over”, her uncle replied, and then the first smack on her right cheek. Surprised by how much harder this was, Eleonora let out a mini scream. With the next hard smack to her left cheek, she gritted her teeth and let out a loud moan. There was about five seconds now between each of these harder smacks from her uncle’s hard hand, but each one threatened to take her breath away. After only six of these extra hard smacks she began bawling her eyes out again. The pain was too much and she just couldn’t bear it anymore, but alas, there was nothing she could do to stop it. In a final desperate attempt to stop the spanking, Eleonora reached back her hand. This only paused things for a brief moment, as her uncle merely grabbed the hand and pinned it against the small of her back. Ten more hard smacks rained down on Eleonora’s now crimson bottom. Finally her uncle stopped spanking her.

Her uncle didn’t give her any time to regain some composure, but stood Eleonora up on her feet and demanded she apologize for her behavior to everyone there. Eleonora’s face began to flush as red as her bottom now was as she desperately was attempting to pull her panties and elf leotards back into place. She winced as she did so as her bottom was incredibly sore, and she was sure she would never sit comfortably again.

“Well, young lady” her uncle said in a still stern tone, “we are all waiting”.

“I’m sorry”, was all she could manage and she barely even managed that.

“Are you ready to tell everyone that I am Santa”, her uncle demanded.
“Yes, ok, you are Santa”, Eleonora said as she just wanted to retreat to the bathroom where she could be alone with embarrassment and shame. Tears were still rolling down her face and snot was still running from her nose.

“Alright, well why don’t you go get yourself cleaned up”, her uncle said, releasing his grip on her arm.

Eleonora ran to the bathroom and once inside she burst into tears again. Now it wasn’t the pain, but the embarrassment and shame of it all. She had been spanked in front of her entire family and she was never going to forgive her uncle for that. She hated him now and wanted nothing to do with him. She didn’t want to leave this bathroom, not ever. She was so embarrassed and ashamed of being so publicly humiliated, she didn’t know how she could ever face her family again.

For over ten straight minutes Eleonora could not stop crying. She went into one of the stalls in the bathroom to cry some toilet paper to blow her nose and dry her eyes. In the middle of blowing her nose and trying to get herself composed she heard the bathroom door open and someone come in. She wasn’t in the mood to see or talk to anyone right now, but was relieved when she saw Uncle Henry’s oldest daughter Veronica coming into the bathroom.

“Leonora, are you still in here”, her cousin called out to her.

“I’m right here”, Eleonora said walking out of the stall and into the main part of the bathroom.

“Are you okay sweetie”, her cousin asked in a concerned tone. Veronica was now 24 years of age and recently married to a very nice young man Richard or Rich as she called him. Eleonora had often looked up to her older cousin and wanted to be like her when she grew up. Veronica was always nice to her even when she was younger. Some older cousins wouldn’t give her the time of day when she was younger, but not Veronica. Veronica would always make sure to include Eleonora in whatever game they were playing.

“No, I’m not okay”, Eleonora replied with anger evident in her voice.

“Oh honey, come here”, Veronica said and walked over to her cousin and wrapped her in a big hug. Eleonora couldn’t help bursting into tears again. She felt so humiliated and embarrassed and the emotions just came pouring out. Veronica was not afraid of Eleonora’s tears, just holding her in a tight embrace. After two whole minutes of crying again, Eleonora actually felt a lot better and slowly released her cousin’s embrace.

“Thank you Veronica, I really needed that”, Eleonora said and managed a small smile.

“Of course sweetheart”, Veronica offered with a smile. “My dad was way out of line doing that too you, especially in front of everyone. Your dad was very upset with my dad and he was exchanging some heated words about the whole incident when I came in here to find you. I even told my dad, that what he did was extremely uncalled for, and that he would be lucky if you ever spoke to him again. I can totally understand if you are angry with my dad, as I am a bit upset with him as well, and I think your dad was giving him quite an earful.”

“Yes, I am angry at your dad”, Eleonora admitted honestly. “Look at how red my bottom is, I don’t think I will sit comfortably for a week.” Eleonora lowered her pants and underwear enough to show her cousin her very red bottom.

“Ouch, yes that does look extremely sore”, her cousin sympathized. “I can remember looking at my bottom after my last spanking from my dad at 18 and man oh man, was it ever red. It was a couple of days before I could sit without wincing. Not fun to be sure.”

“Eleonora, are you in there”, both girls were startled by Eleonora’s dad calling her name from outside the bathroom.

“Yes daddy, I am in here”, Eleonora responded. ‘Why did I just call him daddy’, Eleonora thought to herself, ‘I don’t usually call him that’.

“I just wanted to see if you were okay kiddo”, her dad said from the other side of the door. “Can you come out so we can talk?”

“Just a minute daddy”, Eleonora replied, wiping her nose with a tissue. Veronica smiled at her, and Eleonora gave a slight smile back.

“It’s going to be alright kiddo”, Veronica said trying to encourage her cousin.

“Thanks for comforting me Veronica, it meant a lot”, Eleonora said and walked toward the entrance to the bathroom.

Exiting the washroom, Eleonora immediately spotted her dad leaning on the wall across from the bathroom. She was happy to see her dad as she loved her dad very much and he always had a way of making things better. She felt emotion overcoming her again though. She didn’t want to start crying again, but felt overwhelmed by the emotions she was feeling at that very moment.

“Hey kiddo, how are you doing Leonora”, her dad asked with a look of compassion on his face. He looked very concerned with his daughters well-being and her emotional state.

“I’m okay dad”, Eleonora said, trying to be strong for her father.

“Are you really okay sweetie”, he asked again, not believing that she was okay at all.

“No”, Eleonora replied and started crying again. She couldn’t remember ever having cried so much after a spanking was over, but the humiliation of such a public spanking was still overwhelming her emotions. She didn’t know if she could ever forgive her uncle for what he had done to her. Her dad embraced his daughter and held her in his arms for a long time.

As she finally stopped crying, her dad released her from the hug. “Your uncle and I had a very serious discussion. Needless to say, I was not at all happy with the way that he handled the situation. Unfortunately, I was outside chatting with one of your other uncles at the time and didn’t find out until after the fact. Can you fill me in at all on all that went down Leona?”

“I will try daddy”, Eleonora said and began to explain everything that had happened as she saw it from her point of view. She didn’t hide the fact that she had told Alice that there was no Santa, admitting that she thought the whole thing was kind of silly. She told how her uncle had been so angry when he got involved and that she was very surprised to find herself over her uncle’s knees, getting a spanking. She was absolutely mortified that her uncle had bared her bottom in front of everyone. As she told of all the events, tears began to well up in her eyes again.

“And now I am crying again”, Eleonora said, unable to contain her emotions any longer.

“There there pumpkin”, her dad said, embracing her in another big hug. “I had a very long chat with your uncle and told him how inappropriate it was for him to have done that to you. I think he is very sorry and knows he probably overreacted. He said, he saw how much Alice was hurt by your comments and just got very angry. He admits it was inappropriate to have handled it the way he did. I suggested that he should probably get a hotel room for the rest of his stay here.”

Eleonora wasn’t sure how to respond to all this news. She was glad her father was on her side and had a talk with Uncle Henry. She was also kind of glad Uncle Henry wasn’t going to be staying at their house for the rest of his stay. But deep down she didn’t want to hate her uncle. She had always loved her uncle, a lot. He had always been so good to her in the past. The truth was, she just didn’t know how to feel anymore.

“Can we go home dad”, Eleonora said to her dad. “I just want to go home now”.

“Yes, I think we are mostly all packed up and a lot of the decorations have already been taken down now, so we will probably be heading home very soon pumpkin”, her dad replied.

“I am just going to go wait in the car if that is okay”, Eleonora said to her father.

“I think your uncle wanted to apologize to you”, her dad replied.

“I really don’t want to talk to him right now”, Eleonora replied honestly.

“Ok sweetie, you don’t have to”, her dad replied. “Here are the keys to the car, we should be out shortly”.

Eleonora slipped out to the car as quickly and as quietly as she could. She didn’t want to talk to anyone more today. She just wanted to go home and curl up in her bed and sleep. As she sat down in the back seat in the car she was quickly reminded of how sore her bottom still was. A deep throbbing ache and warm heat radiated from her bottom and would not stop. “I hate him, I hate him, I hate him”, Eleonora kept muttering to herself over and over again. She was very angry with her uncle, but deep down she knew she would eventually forgive him. It wasn’t in her nature to hold onto a grudge for too long. Anytime she had held a grudge against someone in the past, it always made her feel bad the longer she held onto it. It would take some time, but eventually she knew she would forgive her uncle, just not tonight.

The drive home to Eleonora’s home was very quiet.  Nobody seemed to want to say anything.  Eleonora was certainly in no mood for talking and just wanted to get home, get changed into her comfortable pjs and head to bed.  This was a day that couldn’t be over soon enough as far as she was concerned.  Once home she went up to her room and quietly got ready for bed.  She was grateful her parents didn’t want to have a long conversation with her as she had no desire to talk about the days events anymore.  She just wanted to go to bed and forget the day had ever happened.  

As she lay on top of her bed covers, not ready to get into bed just yet,  she heard the front door downstairs open and heard voices.  It sounded like her Uncle Henry was there, presumably to get his overnight bag he had brought with him.  ‘Hopefully he will just grab his bags and leave’, Eleonora thought to herself.  ‘I don’t want to talk to him tonight’, she thought, still holding onto the anger she felt towards her uncle.

“Do you mind if I have a quick word with Eleonora?”, she heard her uncle say.

“I really don’t think that she wants to talk to you right now, but I will go upstairs and ask her”, Eleonora heard her father reply.   Shortly after this, Eleonora could hear her father’s footsteps on the stairs on his way to her bedroom.  It wasn’t long before she heard a gentle knock on her door.

“Can I come in sweetie”, her father asked her.

“Yes dad, you can come in”, Eleonora replied to him.

“Your uncle really would like to talk to you, I think he just wants to apologize for what happened today”, her dad said to her.

“I don’t really want to talk to him dad”, Eleonora said matter-of-factly.

“Are you still angry with him?”

“Yes, I am and I think I have a right to be angry with him”, Eleonora replied, letting a little emotion enter her voice.  “But if you think I should, I will come down and talk to him, even if I don’t want to”

Eleonora followed her dad down the stairs to where her uncle was waiting by the front door.  She really didn’t want to talk to him right now, but for the sake over her father, she would.

“Hi Eleonora”, Uncle Henry started, “I understand if you are upset with me and if you don’t want to talk to me right now.  I was very upset by your comments to little Alice today and I just overreacted a bit.  I am sorry that I punished you so publicly, that was wrong and for that I am very sorry.  I sometimes let my anger get the better of me, and when you were upsetting Alice, I just started to see red and I just reacted.  Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

Eleonora could hear in his voice that he was being sincere, but she didn’t know if she could forgive her uncle, at least not right now.  It was too soon after such a humiliating experience to let her uncle off the hook so easy.

“I understand why you were angry with me”, Eleonora eventually managed to say, “but I don’t think I can forgive you for what you did, at least not yet”.

“Okay”, Uncle Henry seemed to accept this answer.  “Thank you for your honesty; I just wanted to apologize to you in person for what I did.  I hope you will be able to forgive me in time.  At the time, I thought I was doing the right thing, but I can see now how wrong I was, and I am truly sorry for humiliating and embarrassing you the way I did.”

There was an uncomfortable silence after that for a couple minutes.  No one seemed to want to say or do anything.

“Would you accept a hug from me”, Uncle Henry asked hoping that this might show Eleonora how sorry he was.

Eleonora hesitated.  She didn’t really want to hug her uncle, but she could see that might be the right thing to do at the moment.  Besides, the sooner he left, the sooner she could go back to her bed and just turn in for the night.  Reluctantly she went over to her uncle and gave him a quick hug, but before she could escape he embraced her in one of his bear hugs that she couldn’t get out of.

“You know I love you right Eleonora”, Uncle Henry asked.

“Yeah, I guess so”, Eleonora half-heartedly replied.

“You know I only reacted that way because of your behavior, right”, her uncle further questioned.

“Yes, I know, and I know I was acting like a brat, but….”, Eleonora’s voice trailed off. “But you didn’t have to publicly embarrass me the way that you did”, she continued and then started crying again.

“I know sweetie, I know”, Uncle Henry said stroking her hair soothingly.  “It was very wrong of me, and I am very sorry”.

After crying for another minute or so, Eleonora said very quietly, “I forgive you.”

There was some more silence with just the sound of her sniffling, and then she said, “I am still upset about what you did, but I don’t want to stay angry at you anymore”, and then she added, “I just really want to go to bed now”.

“Well, you’ve had a hard day my naughty little elf”, Uncle Henry said with a bit of a chuckle and then gave Eleonora a kiss on the forehead.  “Goodnight sweetheart, sleep well”.

With that Eleonora made a hasty retreat to her room.  Exhausted after such an eventful day, she wanted to just sleep for days and forget about today.  Making her way into her bed, Eleonora quickly passed out from a full day of activities.  Her bottom was still sore and she was still upset about what had happened that day, but forgiving her uncle had been a huge relief to her and allowed her to rest after such a hard long day!!  Not a great start to Christmas, but hopefully it would be a better start for things to come!!

The End

Epilogue coming.  It will be told from Alice’s perspective of the day’s events.

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