Lorna at 15 – Justin’s Perspective

Disclaimer: All Spanking Stories on this site are fiction and are in no way meant to advocate the spanking of real children. My stories are meant to be read by individuals 18 years of age and older. If you are under 18 years old, please leave this site as it does contain some mature subject matter.

Spanking story told from a boy’s perspective of his older sister getting a bare bottom spanking. This story describes in detail the spanking of a 15 year old girl. This story is fiction and in no way meant to condone the use of spanking to real children. If you don’t like this kind of story, then don’t read. Otherwise, hope you enjoy it!! This story was written by Justin G.

Dear Journal,

This is my first attempt at journaling, but it is a project from school so I have to do it.  Schoolwork is important to both my father and my step mother.  I don’t mean to say that it isn’t important to me; it is just that as an 11-year-old boy, I have much better things I could be doing with my time.  But school work is important to my parents and I dare not cross them; especially my step-mom, who is the disciplinarian in the family. 

Before dad remarried, both Lorna and I (Lorna is my big sister) got away with a lot.  Not that we were bad kids, but we probably did get away with things that we shouldn’t have.  That all changed when dad married Martha, our step mom.  To be honest Martha is a great mom!!  I don’t even like to think of her as step mom; to me she is just mom.  I don’t remember our birth mother all that well unfortunately.  I know dad loved her a lot and it was hardest on him when she died. 

My sister took it pretty hard too and I know she was almost mad at dad when he started dating Martha.  I personally was glad to see dad happy again.  Oh, I just forgot, I didn’t introduce myself yet.  I am not very good at this whole writing a journal thing yet, please forgive me.  My name is Justin and like I said my sister’s name is Lorna, my dad’s name is William, and my step mom’s name is Martha.  Of course to me I just call them mom and dad, but my sister I call Lorna, or sometimes Big Sis.

Have I told you about my sister Lorna yet?  I don’t think I have.  She means the world to me.  Oh, we don’t always get along and she can be bossy at times, especially when she is left in charge of me.  But she is also the best big sister a brother could ever ask for.  She doesn’t mind playing with me and she doesn’t always want to play those silly girly games.  Instead we play a lot of a game called Treasure Island.  Ok, let me explain what that is to you. 

Basically, it is a game where we are pirates out to find buried treasure.  We play a lot of this out in our super awesome tree fort.  We pretend we are sailing to far off lands in search of treasure, and then we explore the islands and often find inhabitants, sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile.  One time we encountered cannibals and that was super scary!!   This is all done in our imagination of course, but my sister loves to play along and she is even really great at creating her own scenarios too.  Like the time we encountered the Kracken, a large octopus like creature that almost crushed our pirate ship; that was all my sister’s idea.  

Lately, I have started to worry that Lorna is getting too old to play these games with me anymore.  She has started to hang out with her own friends a lot more these days, and she has started to become more and more interested in boys her own age.  I guess it is a part of growing up, but I cannot help but be a little sad that she doesn’t have as much time to spend with me.  Don’t get me wrong, she still plays with me, just not as much as she used to.  Going back to my sister’s interest in boys for a minute; well, let’s just say that her interest in boys and getting them to like her got her into some very big trouble the other day.

Now, just to back up again and explain how things changed in our home after Martha married dad.  Martha, or mom as I call her now, all but took over our discipline.  One thing she made very clear to my dad before she married him, was that she wouldn’t put up with spoiled, undisciplined, or lazy children.  She told my dad that as a child her parents brought her up with strict discipline and if she was to marry him, that she would be carrying these discipline traditions into our family life. 

I remember overhearing some of their conversations when I was little, before they got married.  I didn’t understand what it was all about at the time, but I would come to learn in time.  The one thing I distinctly remember Martha saying was something to the effect that “your kids need more discipline in their lives and I will not be afraid to give it to them.  In my day, if I disobeyed my parents in any way, I got spanked and if we are to get married, then your kids can expect the same.  Disobedience of any kind needs to be met with stern correction.  I love your kids a lot, they are great kids, but if they disobey me or you and I am acting as their mother figure they can expect to go over my knees for a darn good spanking and I don’t spank over clothing.” 

She went on to explain how she had spanked some of her nieces and nephews when she had babysat them before.  Although dad initially objected to both me and Lorna being spanked as we never had before, he did eventually give in when he admitted that there could be some positive effects come from it.  At the time, I didn’t fully understand all that was said, but I did know that the sound of getting a spanking from Martha sounded incredibly scary and something to be avoided at all costs.

So after dad married Martha it wasn’t long before she told us all about her way of dealing with naughty children.  She told us how she would be loving, but stern and strict when needed.  She told us she would be fair as much as she could about our rules and discipline, but that disobedience would not be tolerated.  She also listed off a bunch of do’s and do not’s.  At the end of this meeting she explained that serious misbehavior or disobedience would warrant stern correction in the form of a spanking.  She went on to describe how we would be spanked, over her knee, and on our underwear or bare bottoms.  She also made a point to tell us that she spanked hard, and that it would be something we wanted to avoid at all costs.  Well, I will tell you about some of the spankings I got, and yes I have received quite a few over the years, but today I want to tell you about my sister Lorna and her most recent spanking.

So with that background, I want to tell you about what happened last Thursday evening.  Dad picked me up from school on Thursday and when we both walked in the door it was very clear that my sister was in big trouble.  Entering the living room, Lorna was facing the wall, her pastel blue school dress pulled up in the back and her panties pulled down to her thighs.  My face flushed upon seeing my sister in the embarrassing predicament.  I was glad in some ways that it wasn’t me, but not much.  I hated to see my sister in trouble.  Previous experience taught me that Martha punished very strictly when needed and neither me or my sister liked to be on the receiving end of one of her spankings whenever we could avoid it. 

My sister always tried to be as brave as she could and I know she often does so to spare me the displeasure of seeing her crying.  I don’t know why mom always has to make such a spectacle out of some of our spankings.  Well, to be honest, I think my sister has it worse than I do.  I often get spanked right away, at least for the most part.  Sometimes mom makes a point of spanking me in front of dad and Lorna, but often she will just spank me whenever and wherever.  Yes, this has led to a few embarrassing spankings of my own too.  One that happened in front of about 3 of my older cousins, two of which were girls, but I will tell you about that some other time.

Getting back to my story; Lorna stood with her naked bottom on display in the corner of the living room.  It was very clear she was in big trouble for something.  Her bottom still looked white, so I concluded that mom was making my sister do some pre-spanking penance, as she often called it before giving her a spanking.  This was something she only did with Lorna and never with me, at least not yet.  The worst part was that I had a very bad feeling that I was going to be made to watch my sister get spanked again.  This didn’t happen every time she got spanked, as Martha did sometimes spank my sister in the privacy of her room.  But far too often, in my opinion, I would be made to watch as my mother would turn Lorna over her knee after baring her bottom, then she would proceed to spank her very hard, lecturing her about her behavior throughout the whole thing.  Thursday afternoon would unfortunately prove to be no different from previous experience.

Mom came into the living room from the kitchen and it was plainly evident by the expression on her face that she was not pleased at all.  There was also no doubt as to who she was displeased with as it was very clear to both my dad and I that my sister was in for it.  Dad spoke to my mom briefly and Martha made it very clear that she was going to be setting an example today with Lorna’s discipline.  She went on to tell my father, in a voice loud enough that I had no problem hearing that she had been out driving around with boys older than herself.  Mom was very upset that Lorna would think that this kind of behavior was acceptable and she was going to make sure that such transgressions were not repeated in the future.  Dad merely asked if it was necessary for Justin, pointing to me to witness Lorna’s punishment.  Martha was very strong in her response that yes, she needed to set an example with my sister’s punishment so that we would both consider the consequences of our actions.

Mom grabbed a straight backed chair from the dining room and placed it in the center of the living room facing towards the couch.  My dad and I were both instructed to sit down on the sofa while mom went over the corner to get Lorna.  Lorna briefly pulled up her panties and let her dress down to preserve her modesty, but it would not be staying that way for long.  As soon as mom sat on the chair, she instructed my sister to stand in front of her. Wordlessly, Martha reached under my sister’s dress and once more pulled Lorna’s panties down to mid-thigh. Lorna seemed paralyzed as she stared first at me and then our stepmother, while the color in her cheeks spread to her temples and her throat and even to her dainty little earlobes. Her chest heaved turbulently as she fought for breath, and she finally managed in a strangled voice, “Oh, please, Mommy … please … not … before him. Oh, please!”

“That will be quite enough from you,” Martha admonished. “Instead of arguing, why don’t you tell your brother precisely why you are going to be spanked?”

Lorna hung her head. “Yes Mommy,” she acknowledged in a defeated tone. She turned to look at me and drew in a deep breath. “It’s because I was hanging out with older boys when I am not allowed to and I lied about where I was going this afternoon,” she explained softly. Both Lorna and I learned early on that it was in our own best interest to co-operate, as much as possible with our punishments.  We both learned that to resist our punishments only made mom angrier and usually resulted in a much worse spanking.  I still remember one time where Lorna outright refused to be punished. 

This happened about 2 years ago, so my sister would have been 13 years old at the time and I was 9.  Mom had taken us shopping for clothes and Lorna was in a bit of a mood at the time, because mom had told her that she couldn’t go to a party the coming weekend.  To my knowledge, the party was not going to have much in the way of adult supervision, and mom was not going to let my sister go as a result.  She was moody the whole time we were shopping as a result.  I remember I tried to distract my sister when we were near the pet shop with all the cute puppies and kittens, but nothing would cheer her up.  She was upset at mom for not letting her go to this party and wasn’t doing a very good job of concealing her feelings. 

I started to get concerned for my sister as mom kept shooting warning looks but these were ignored by my sister.  What did finally get her attention was the very stern warning and rhetorical question she asked my sister after my sister made a snide remark about some clothes Martha had picked out for her. 

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that young lady”, mom said, her anger visible in her entire body.  “You are in for the spanking of your life when we get home.  You don’t ever talk to me like that Lorna May, do you understand me!” Mom had a firm grip of Lorna’s left elbow at this point and was shaking my sister.  Lorna had the good sense to respond with a humble “yes ma’am” but the damage was done. Martha turned to look at me and said, “Justin, put those jeans back, we will have to come back and get them some other time, because right now we are going home and somebody is going to be very sorry for the attitude they are giving me today”. 

I remember putting the jeans back and then going back to mom.  I remember how she took my hand with her free hand, the one that wasn’t being used to hold onto my sister, who was trying to squirm out of mom’s grasp.  I also remember complaining to mom that she was holding my hand too tight.  I will never forget the glare that she gave me before saying, “Justin, I don’t want to hear your whining right now, unless you also want to go over my knees when we get home”.

 “No mom, I don’t.  Sorry for whining”, I meekly replied to her before she dragged us both back to the car for the very uncomfortable ride home.  The last thing I wanted to do was earn a spanking myself.  Most of the time I felt protective of my sister and never wanted to see her hurt.  That day I only remember being scared to death of how angry mom was at Lorna and not wanting to get in trouble myself. 

I remember things went real quiet in the car for the remainder of the ride home.  Just before we pulled into our driveway Lorna said, “please mom, I am sorry for my attitude today”.  I think by this point my sister was starting to get very scared by how angry she had made mom.  Unfortunately, I knew that by now it was much too late and mom’s mind was already made up that Lorna was going to get a spanking, a very bad spanking.  What remained to be seen was if mom would take Lorna to her room and close the door and spank her in private, or if she would spank her in the living room insisting that I watch to learn from her example.  I had a very bad feeling that it was going to be the latter, and I was correct.

Once we got in the door mom firmly grabbed my sister’s left elbow again and headed in the direction of the living room.  “We are going to deal with your behavior today in just a minute here young lady, but first there is something I need to grab from my bedroom”, mom said as she directed my sister to one of the corner’s in the living room.  Now, often mom would bare my sister’s bottom for corner time before a spanking, but that day she was so upset that she didn’t bother.  “You stay in that corner and don’t you move a muscle until I get back to deal with you,” came mom’s sharp command as she headed upstairs to the bedroom level. 

Half way up the stairs, she turned to face me; I was still standing in the front hall at the time.  “Justin, go join your sister in the living room, sit on the couch until I get back”.  Her tone was not to be disobeyed.  I was scared though, trying to think if I had done something wrong.  Thoughts were going through my head as I waited for mom to come back downstairs to punish my sister.  ‘Is mom going to spank me too’, was the biggest thought on my mind.  As I heard mom’s heavy footsteps coming back down the stairs I began to panic, thinking mom was going to punish me too.  I hated getting spanked.  I also hated to see or hear my sister getting spanked, but at that moment, I was more scared for myself.  I wish I could say that I was brave for my sister, but that day I was terrified.

Mom re-entered the living room and it quickly became evident what she had gone to get.  In her right hand was a sturdy wooden hairbrush.  Martha had told us both about this hairbrush and how it had been used on her when she was growing up.  She had told us both how much more a spanking with the hairbrush was than just a mere hand spanking.  Up until this day mom had yet to use it on either one of us.  Today that was about to change, as my big sister Lorna was about to experience her very first hairbrush spanking and it will be a day I will never forget.  I have witnessed many of my sister’s spankings, but this first hairbrush spanking still sticks out as one of the most memorable that I have ever witnessed.  Let’s just say that my sister wasn’t the only one crying by the end of that particular spanking.  I may have not earned a spanking that day myself, but I cried out of sympathy for my sister, seeing how much pain she was in that day.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Mom set the hairbrush down on the coffee table in the middle of the living room and went into the dining room to fetch a straight back chair that she would use to sit on while she was spanking my sister.  Mom always spanked in the traditional face down, over the knee position.  Our spankings were almost always administered to our underclothes or bare bottoms and never ended until we were bawling our eyes out.  I think this would prove to be one of Lorna’s worst spankings ever, well at least up until that day.

 “Lorna, get over here Right NOW Young Lady”, mom said in a tone that commanded obedience.  She briefly turned her attention to me. “Justin, you are going to sit there and watch your sister’s punishment.  I want you to learn from your sister’s misbehavior today and hopefully, you will learn how to avoid these kind of painful consequences”.  Lorna slowly approached mom as she grabbed the hairbrush off the coffee table and sat down on the dinning room chair.  “You are going to get a spanking you won’t soon forget young lady”, mom said in a serious tone.  “I hope you learn a good lesson from this spanking as I will not tolerate the kind of attitude that you showed me today.  Do you understand me Lorna”, mom asked in an angry tone of voice.

“Yes, Mommy,  I understand. Please … I’m really sorry for how I acted,” Lorna responded, a nervous look in her eyes. 

“Well, I am glad you are starting to apologize for your behavior today, but you are still going to be punished, do you understand me”, mom said as my sister looked down at the floor not wanting to meet our mother’s steely gaze.  “Lorna, look at me”, mom said with some sympathy in her voice.  “I need for you to understand that behavior like that is not acceptable and I will not tolerate it, do you understand me”, mom said in a firm tone.  “It’s not like I enjoy spanking you Lorna, but you are going to learn a lesson today, and I am afraid it is going to be a very painful lesson for you to learn”, mom concluded. 

Then reaching under my sister’s yellow dress she proceeded to pull down her panties right down to her ankles and then told her to step out of them.  “Set them on the coffee table and then come back and stand at my right side”, mom instructed my sister.  Lorna picked up her panties, placed them on the coffee table and then quickly went back to mom’s side.  Lorna didn’t even look my direction when she put her panties on the coffee table.  I knew she was super embarrassed that this was all happening in front of me.

“Over my knees Lorna”, mom said in a firm tone.  The time had come and there was no escaping what was about to happen to my sister.  She was going to endure a very sound spanking and I felt very bad for her, and terrified for what was coming.  Lorna obediently bent herself over mom’s knees and reached her hands out in front of her.  Mom adjusted her so that her face was about a foot from the floor and her feet were freely waving behind her.  I knew that all to soon those feet would be kicking wildly once mom started the spanking. 

Mom set the hairbrush down on Lorna’s back and proceeded to roll up the sleeve on the long sleeve shirt she was wearing.  Once the shirt was rolled up to above her elbow, she wasted no time in started the spanking.  Bringing the brush up high to shoulder height, it came down hard with a resounding CRACK that filled the room.  The sound was much different than the sound of hand on bare bottom.  The sound was hard and sharp and sounded oh so much more painful and it must have been as my sister started squirming after only the first smack.  Usually my sister could take about 10 hard smacks before she would start squirming and making a lot of noise, but not that day.  CRACK!!  The second, and equally hard smack rang out and seemed to echo throughout the room as Lorna squirmed and struggled all over mom’s lap.

“Oh god mom, that really hurts”, I heard a note of desperation in my sister’s voice.  CRACK!! CRACK!! CRACK!! CRACK!!  Four measured sharp smacks of that wicked awful brush smacked my sister’s quickly reddening backside.  Never before had I seen my sister’s bottom go from pale color to a darkening pink so quickly.  “We are only just getting started”, mom said to Lorna, much to her dismay.  Following each blow, Mom would let the smooth wooden back of the brush rest upon the affected flesh. Then she’d draw it across the throbbing buttocks till she marked the next area to be attended. She’d do that by pressing down for a few seconds. Then I’d watch her arm go back up with that heavy brush held firmly in her hand. 

Another few seconds would pass before she brought it down sharply and swiftly, smacking it down, indenting my sister’s bottom.  But it would instantly bounce back to its original shape, getting redder and redder, the more mom spanked her.  The loud sound of the brush cracking away filled the room, but it was quickly being met with a sound that threaten to overtake it, and that was the sound of my sister’s screams.  Yes, I do mean screams. 

Before this particular spanking, my sister would say ‘ouch’ and ‘ow’ and say she was sorry and beg mom to stop.  She cried too but often softly. Often her crying would not become really noisy until near the end of her spanking. But never had I ever hear my sister scream like she did that day.  I think her voice went hoarse from screaming so much until she just broke down and started openly bawling.  She tried to apologize to mom, but her words were barely coherent.  But, even as our stepmom slowed the pace to one every twenty seconds, the impact of that solid wood gave no reprieve to my sister’s bare bottom and the poor girl could only bawl and cry her eyes out as she learned a lesson she would not soon forget. 

It was a day I will never forget as well, as I learned that there was something far worse than just a hand spanking and it was something I wanted to avoid at all costs.  I also won’t forget that day, as it was the first time I started to take notice of certain aspects of a girl’s anatomy.  I know I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I got a strange feeling when my sister was squirming and twisting around on mom’s lap.  As she did so, she would sometimes part her legs and I could see things between my sister’s legs that I probably shouldn’t have.  Quick side note, mom always stresses the importance of dressing modestly and being modest with our clothing and to respect our private parts as they shouldn’t be seen by others.  Somehow this all goes out the window when one or both of us get a spanking. 

Anyways, I hate to even admit this, as I love my sister so much and I hate to see her in pain, but there was a very small part of me that enjoyed seeing her naked below the waist.  Sis, I hope you never read this journal of mine, but if you do, I am sorry for these feelings.  I honestly don’t know why I started to get a bit excited during your spanking.  Maybe it wasn’t really excitement, maybe it was just the fear and adrenaline of what was transpiring in front of me.  But why then did I replay that spanking over and over again for a few weeks after it happened.  At first, I thought it was so that I would feel angry at mom for doing it.  I also thought it was so that I would remember the lesson so that it wouldn’t happen to me. 

But there was definitely a part of me that secretly enjoyed my sister’s spanking that day and I hate to even say that.  I wish I didn’t have these feelings.  I don’t want my sister to get in trouble.  I know from personal experience how much a spanking hurt, so why could I possibly want to watch my sister get a spanking.  On one hand I don’t, I want to protect my sister and help her to not get into trouble, but when I know that isn’t possible and that she is going to be spanked as a result of her actions, there is a small part of me that actually feels a small bit of excitement about that.

With all that, I return you to this past Thursday, where I once again witnessed my sister get a bare bottom spanking over mom’s knee.  I wish I could say that all I felt was sympathy for my sister, which I did feel, but I also felt a strange twinge of excitement and something I couldn’t fully identify.

With Lorna lying face down over our stepmom’s knees, she was forced to recount why she was in this embarrassing position.  I have to admit; it was hard for me not to stare at my sister’s bare bottom.  Please know that I love my sister very much and never want to see her hurt.  But I also cannot help my own curiosity about girls.  I mean, here is my sister face down over mom’s knees, her pale bare bottom pointed up at the ceiling just waiting for punishment.  It was a position I hated being in myself and I know that my sister did too.  But I could help the way I felt, as I knew I would once again see my sister get a very hard spanking.

Now, I already told you guys about my sister getting the hairbrush, and while this spanking may not have been as severe as that, I do think it came close.  Mom only used her hand for this spanking, but I am convinced that she spanked my sister for a lot longer this time, then she did when she spanked her with the hairbrush.  But there I go jumping ahead again.

After my sister had relayed the reasons for her punishment; mom made it very clear to her that she was in for a very sound spanking.  I remember mom saying, “I am glad that you understand what you did wrong Lorna, but this is to make sure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again”.  Then after a short pause mom continued, “are you ready for you spanking Lorna”?  My sister mumbled something that I couldn’t make out, to which mom replied, “I am sorry dear, you need to speak up”.  Then a bit louder I heard my sister say, “yes mom, I am ready, and I am sorry”.  “Well, I don’t really think you are sorry yet, young lady, but you will be very soon”, mom said, shifting my sister slightly to one side.  Putting her left hand firmly to my sister’s right thigh, she held her firmly and raised her right hand high.  With a resounding ‘SMACK’ that seemed to fill the entire room, my sister let out a slight squeal of surprise. Mom raised her open hand again and brought down with an equally hard smack on my sister’s left cheek this time.  Lorna hissed through her teeth, but tried not to cry out as much this time.  The smacks were coming about 2 and half seconds apart.  Enough time for Lorna to feel the full effects of one smack, but not really enough time to recover before the next.  “Are you learning a lesson today young lady”, mom asked and then delivered three more sharp smacks in quick succession.  “Yes mommy, I am learning my lesson”, my sister said with a note of desperation in her voice.  “Is this foolish kind of behavior ever going to happen again”, mom asked Lorna as her hand began to swiftly slap my sister’s bare backside again and again and again.  I counted six hard smacks to my sister’s quickly reddening backside, but mom was far from finished.  Mom was never satisfied until we were bawling our eyes out and had very red bottoms.  She was never one to let our initial pleas or cries for it to stop dissuade her from giving us a very sore backside.  She would often say that “children learn best when they cannot sit comfortably for several days after a spanking”. 

No longer asking any more questions of Lorna, mom was fully concentrating all her effort on making sitting comfortably a near impossibility for my sister for the next couple of days.  She tightened her grip on my sister’s waist and continued to bring her hand down hard and steady.  As my sister began to start to squirm and struggle from the sting and pain in her backside, mom began to build up the tempo of the spanks.  It quickly went from getting one swat every 2 and a half seconds, to every two seconds, and then down to one a second or maybe even less.  All I know is that by this point all that you could hear was a steady sound of mom’s hard hand relentlessly smacking my sister bare bottom and my sister cries of protests.  At one point I heard my sister beg mom to stop spanking her.  “Please mommy”, she had said between sobs, “I’ve learned my lesson, please stop spanking me”.  But to my sister’s dismay, the only reply that got from mom was a stern, “we are not quite finished yet young lady”, and then it seemed like mom started to spank my sister even harder than before.  For what seemed like hours, but was probably less than a minute long, mom gave my sister extra hard smacks to her bare bottom and some to the back of her thighs.  This had my sister sobbing like a baby before it was all over and I have to admit, I would have been crying just as hard if it had been me in that position.

After the spanking was finally over, mom let Lorna lie on her lap for a long time.  She cooed softly to my sister, rubbing her back and saying softly, “there, there, it’s all over now honey”.  Mom commended my sister on taking her spanking so well.  Then she turned to me and said, “I hope this has been a lesson for you too Justin”.  “Yes mommy” was all I could manage to say at that particular moment.

Once my sister got off mom’s lap, she let her redress herself and then retreat to her room for a while.  With the spanking over, I too went to my bedroom and thought about what I had seen.  Spankings were beginning to have a profound effect on me.  I still hate to get spanked, but I have to admit that a part of me gets a secret thrill when my sister gets spanked.  That sound terrible I know.  Let me clarify.  I don’t like it when my sister gets in trouble and I hate hearing her or seeing her get spanked, but recently I have noticed that I also get a strange feeling of excitement when she is getting spanked.  Maybe it is because I am seeing the private parts of girls that I am not supposed to be seeing.  Maybe it is because my sister is getting more developed as she gets older.  I don’t know exactly why I feel this way.  A part of me actually feels kind of guilty that I feel this way, but I don’t know what to do about it.  Perhaps I will talk to my sister about my feelings.  That may be a bad idea, but she has always been understanding of my feelings and emotions, so hopefully she will be understanding about this too.  I will have to get back to you on how that goes.

Anyways, that is the story of my sister’s most recent spanking and the effect it has had on me.  I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my life.


PS. I may write a follow up to our conversations about my feelings on spanking, but I wanted to at least finish this part of the story.  We can certainly revisit this series and these characters again if you would like.  Like I said, I started a story told from the perspective of Martha, but I haven’t gotten very far on it yet.  Maybe I will work on that next.  After that, I think I will be ready to move onto some of our other story ideas.  Anyways, it has been good to feel up to doing some writing today.  Always fun to write and share my stories with you!!  Look forward to your feedback!!

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