Staying with my Aunt

Disclaimer: All Spanking Stories on this site are fiction and are in no way meant to advocate the spanking of real children. My stories are meant to be read by individuals 18 years of age and older. If you are under 18 years old, please leave this site as it does contain some mature subject matter.

Spanking story by HonestRespectfulGuy

Disclaimer: All drawings in this story are from the great George Churchward.  I do not own these photos and only used them as inspiration for my story.  This story involves the spanking of a 9 year old girl.  If such things do not interest you then please do not read.  If however you do have an interest in such things, then I hope you enjoy the story.  This story is told from a witness’s perspective as that is my personal favorite kind of story.  Hope you enjoy it!! 

My name is Ken Wilson, and this is a story from the summer I spent one week at my Aunt Carol’s house. My parents were going on a cruise to the Bahamas and they certainly didn’t want their 12 year old son ruining their fun.  Don’t get me wrong, we did vacations together.  But this was a special 15 year anniversary for them and they wanted to do something special.  They had decided on a cruise to the Bahamas and started making plans for it.  Part of their plans was what they were going to do with me while they were on their trip.  After discussing a number of options and talking to friends and family about what to do with me while they were away, they finally settled on having me stay with my Aunt Carol.  Aunt Carol had been widowed for about two years now, when her husband died of cancer.  She had one daughter Stacy, who was 9 years old in the summer I stayed at their place.   I was pretty excited to stay there as I had always gotten along pretty well with Stacy and her mom was always kind, if not a bit strict with Stacy at times.  They lived out in the country with lots of big trees and lots of room to run around, which would be awesome, since I was used to living in the city.

It was July 7​th​, a Monday when my Aunt came to pick me up.  She drove a minivan which had lots of room in it.  Both her and her daughter came to our front door.  I ran to the door when I heard the chime of the doorbell ringing.  I opened the door and was greeted by smiles from both Aunt Carol and her daughter Stacy.

“Well, Hello Ken” said Aunt Carol with a smile.  “I see someone is super excited to see us”. 

I smiled back at Aunt Carol as I said, “I have been counting down the days until you come”.

“That is great Ken”, my Aunt said as she put down her purse on a chair in the front hallway.  “Why don’t you go up and help Ken bring down his bags Stacy”.

My cousin and I went up to my room to grab the bags I had packed for the week I would be staying with them.  When we got into my room, my cousin and I started chatting about things that we were looking forward to this summer and what we would do when we got back to their house.  I found myself super excited as she talked about her tree fort and swing set and they had an above ground swimming pool as well.  All these things were luxuries to me, and I was going to enjoy staying with them for the week. Once we had my Spiderman suitcase and backpack we headed back downstairs to get ready to go.

My aunt was just conversing with my parents when we came back down the stairs.  My parents said goodbye and gave me a hug and did the usual parent stuff like telling me to be good and have fun and all that.  We loaded up my bags in the minivan, said our goodbyes once more and then headed out for my Aunt’s house. 

It was an hour long drive, but the time seemed to go really quick as I spent most of the time chatting with my aunt and cousin and showing my cousin all my neat toys that I had got for my birthday and Christmas (mostly Lego Star Wars). 

After we arrived at my aunt’s house, she showed me the room I would be staying in and told me to get settled in and that we would have supper in about an hour.  My aunt went down to the kitchen and my cousin and I went outside to play in her tree fort for a while before supper.   We played adventures pretending to be pirates, and then we pretended to be Robin Hood and my cousin was Maid Marion. We had lots of fun!!  It wasn’t long before we heard my aunt calling us both in for supper.

Supper was Chicken Fettuccini with a side of Broccoli.  I was hungry and couldn’t wait to sit down and eat.  I heard my cousin mumble, “Why do we always have to have Broccoli, I hate Broccoli”.  Her mom looked over at her obviously hearing what she said, she fixed her with a stern stare and said “you need vegetables in your diet too, they are good for you”.  “But why did it have to be broccoli, I hate broccoli”, my cousin said back to her mom.  “Because I decide what is best for you in this house, and that is what we are eating for supper, and I would like you to drop the attitude young lady”.   “Fine” my cousin conceded.

We all sat down for supper and my aunt said a blessing for the food and for our time together.  My aunt served us both with a large helping of both Chicken Fettuccini and a healthy side of broccoli.  I couldn’t help but notice my cousin turn up her nose when her mother put a good portion of broccoli on her plate.  “Did you really have to put so much on my plate?” she complained.  “Stacy, I don’t want to hear any more complaining out of you”, her mother said sternly.  “I went to the work of making a nice dinner for all of us and you will eat it and stop your complaining”.  My cousin rolled her eyes, not admitting defeat to her mother.  My cousin definitely had a rebellious side, one that I could see would get her in trouble sometimes.  I wasn’t exactly sure how her mother dealt with discipline in her house.  I know when Stacy was younger she used to get a spanking when she was bad, but that had been at least three years since I had overheard that happen.  Now that she was almost ten, I figured her mother, like my parents would likely have switched her discipline techniques to corner time, time outs, being sent to your room, or something of that nature.  Little did I know that I would get an opportunity to witness firsthand just how her mom disciplined her.

The meal went on relatively quite with my aunt asking me the occasional question about school and whatnot.  But I was still getting the sense that there was a bit of tension in the air.  Stacy was eating her Fettuccini, but I could tell she had barely touched her broccoli.  I had already finished all that was on my plate when Stacy said she was done too.  Her mother looked at her and at her plate, and seeing that pretty much all the broccoli was still on it she said, “you still have all the broccoli on your plate, you aren’t leaving the table until you are finished”.   “Awe mom”, Stacy sighed, “Do I have to, I hate broccoli”.  “Stacy, we have already had this discussion, Ken has already eaten all of his and I didn’t hear him complain” her mother said matter of factly.  “Now finish up and then we can have dessert” Aunt Carol said with a smile.  “What’s for dessert?” my cousin asked.  “Home-made chocolate chip cookies, but you aren’t going to get any if you don’t eat your broccoli first” my aunt said to her. 

My aunt got up from the table to go get the cookies from the kitchen.  When her mother had left, Stacy quickly took her plate over to the garbage and began to throw out the broccoli.  I was a bit surprised that my cousin would do this, after all I knew her mother would not be impressed if she caught her doing it.  My aunt got back to the table just after my cousin sat back down.  Aunt Carol looked at her daughter suspiciously.  “Wow” she said with surprise in her voice, “you certainly finished that broccoli off in a hurry, especially for someone who kept telling me she hated broccoli”.  “I just really want a chocolate chip cookie mom, it helped to keep thinking of them” Stacy replied.  “Hmm, I see” her mother said with a quizzical look on her face.  “How did you manage to eat it so fast, considering I was gone for less than a minute”, she asked her daughter with a note of suspicion.  “I don’t know, I just did” she replied lamely.  “You better not be lying to me Stacy, you know I don’t tolerate lying in this house” her mother warned her sternly.  Tension was beginning to rise again within the room and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.   “I think I better check the garbage to make sure you didn’t decide to throw away your broccoli while I was gone from the room” her mother said and got up to go check the garbage.   Stacy had a look of worry on her face and tried to stop her mom by saying, “you don’t have to check the garbage mom”.  “Oh, and why not Stacy” her mother looked back at her and fixed her with a

stare.  “Am I not going to like what I find” she asked as she opened the garbage.  Stacy said nothing as her mother looked into the garbage and confirmed her suspicions. 

“STACY MAY WILLIAMS” her mother said in a very stern voice that meant she wasn’t messing around. Although I wasn’t the one in trouble I got really nervous hearing the anger in my aunt’s voice.  I rarely ever heard her this upset.   “I am very angry with you right now” she continued in a stern voice.  “I know broccoli isn’t your favourite thing in the world, but you could have at least made an effort” she said while pointing a finger at her.  “But I am even more angry that you would lie to me about it” she said, fixing her with a stern glare.  “You know I don’t tolerate lying in this house” she said looking at her daughter.  Stacy simply nodded with a look of fear on her face.  I am not sure if she knew what was coming, but I am sure she had a suspicion.  Well she didn’t have long to wait to have her suspicions confirmed. 

“I can’t believe you thought that you would get away with throwing out the broccoli and I wouldn’t notice” she looked at her daughter and continued, “I guess I need to remind you just exactly why you don’t lie to me”.  My aunt pulled out her chair from the table and looked over at her daughter.  “Stacy, come here” her mother said with a seriousness in her voice that couldn’t be mistaken.  “Why, what are you going to do”, Stacy asked, her voice breaking like she was just about to cry.  “I am going to give you a good spanking young lady, just as we used to do”, her mother said matter of factly.  “It is evident to me tonight that you aren’t too old to still need a spanking every now and then”, she continued, “I am sorry it had to come to this, but you have left me no choice”.   “Now get over here so we can get this over with”, she commanded Stacy.  Stacy sat in her chair not moving, unwilling to accept her fate. Things were getting really tense and I was both nervous and a bit excited.  My parents hadn’t spanked me in years and not having any siblings, I never really got the chance to witness a spanking.  “Stacy, Get Over Here This Instant, Young Lady” Aunt Carol said with a note of frustration in her voice.  “Mom, please”, was Stacy’s only reply.  Aunt Carol had finally had enough; without warning she got out of her chair and grabbed Stacy by the arm and dragged her over to the chair that was now pulled out from the table.

“When I tell you to do something, you do it right away; do you understand me” Aunt Carol said as she gave Stacy a couple of quick swats while dragging her over to the chair.  At this point, I felt like I probably shouldn’t be watching this, but what could I do, Aunt Carol hadn’t said anything to me and if she didn’t want me to witness her disciplining her daughter then she probably would have taken her to her room.  Once my aunt was back seated on her chair, she proceeded to drag her daughter over her knee.  Stacy tried to resist, not wanting to get a spanking, especially in front of her cousin.

Unfortunately for her, she was no match to her mother, who overpowered her and lifted her up and over her lap.  My heart was pumping so hard in my chest at this point.  I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to witness a spanking; and not just a spanking, but a girl spanked by her mother.  I looked on to the unfolding scene before my eyes, and it all just seemed so surreal.  I kept expecting that at any moment her mother would turn and look at me and tell me to leave the room while she dealt with her daughter.  Fortunately for me, that never happened.  I did feel a little guilty watching this unfolding, but excited at the same time.  Sure, I felt bad for my cousin, but I couldn’t deny that I had always secretly wanted to see someone else get spanked, and the fact that it was a girl that was about to be spanked only made it more exciting. 

Once Stacy was over her mother’s lap, Aunt Carol began to pull Stacy’s dress out of the way.  Stacy was wearing a blue grey plaid dress that was quite pretty.  After she had her dress down, she grabbed the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down as well, letting them rest just below her knees. Once again, I couldn’t believe I was seeing this before my very eyes.  Stacy let out a moan of dread and tilted her head sideways to try to look at her mother.  “Please don’t spank me mommy, please” Stacy began to beg her mother, “I promise I will be good”.  “I know you will be good, and this is to make sure that you are”, her mother replied.  With her panties down and dress raised, Stacy was ready for a spanking and boy was my heart pumping.  Aunt Carol moved Stacy over just slightly and put her left hand on her upper back to help prevent her from squirming around too much. 

Without any more delay she raised her right hand high into the air and brought it down with a loud SNAP as it impacted on Stacy’s bare bottom.  Stacy let out a slight yelp in surprise.  “You didn’t think I could still spank you, did you?”, her mother stated rather than asked.  “Well, my dear, you are going to discover just how wrong that notion is; I intend to give you a long hard spanking”.  And with that said, SMACK went her open hand again against my cousin’s bare backside, the sound sending shivers down my back.  This was no light spanking, and Stacy was feeling the full effects of it.  SMACK, the sound reverberated off the walls and I heard a slight squeal from Stacy as her mom continued to punish her. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The spanking started off slow at first, but was starting to build in tempo.  My cousin was trying to remain as composed as she could and not cry out too much, but as the spanking continued it became more and more difficult to stop herself from letting out a yell every now and then. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  Aunt Carol gave her daughter six hard swats on her bare bum in quick succession.  Stacy began to howl as the pain was starting to really get to her.  Aunt Carol paused for only a second before raising her open hand again.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  The blistering slaps made my cousin’s fanny dance as my aunt’s hand slapped her bare bottom again and again and again.  Stacy was really howling and crying loudly now, forgetting about trying to remain composed as the pain overtook her embarrassment.  My aunt paused for about five seconds before raising her hand to continue the spanking.  I could see my aunt get a firm hold of my cousin with her left hand as she raised her right hand high up in the air.


What I thought would just be a few more swats just kept going and going and going.  My aunt had a determined look on her face as she delivered slap after scorching slap to my poor cousin’s bare backside.  My cousin was screaming and hollering and was beginning to do a fair bit of squirming around.  My aunt had no trouble in holding her in place as she continued to discipline her daughter.  As the spanking continued, I once again had the feeling like I shouldn’t be witnessing this.  After all, here is my 9 year old cousin getting her bare ass spanked without mercy and me and her 12 year old cousin just gets to watch and enjoy the show.  Should I have excused myself and went to my room, was what was going through my head.  Part of me felt bad about what I was seeing as I understood it to be punishment and should not be enjoyable, but there was still a small part of me that didn’t want to leave and wanted to watch every last second of this spectacle.  All the time I am having these conflicting thoughts, the spanking is still continuing as my aunt’s hand reigns down blistering slap after blistering slap.   After over two dozen smacks to Stacy’s bare bottom, my aunt pauses for a minute.  She was rubbing her hand on the side of her leg, likely to try to regain some feeling in it.  Stacy’s crying had slowed down a little and she tried to regain some composure. 

“I hope you are learning a lesson from this young lady”, Stacy’s mother said as Stacy just cried while she laid over her mother’s lap.  “I want you to think long and hard the next time you think about lying to me”, her mother continued, “Do you understand me”?  “Yes mom”, Stacy managed to squeak out. “Good”, was her mother’s simple reply and raised her right hand high and began again to spank my cousin’s poor bottom.  As soon as the blistering slaps resumed my cousin burst into howling and sobbing loudly.  She spanked her with such precision and control that there was no question in my mind that Stacy would be better behaved going forward. 

And still the punishment continued.  SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!  Over and over my aunt’s hand came down on my cousin leaving her a crying sobbing mess.



With less than a second apart, my cousin must have received over 3 dozen spanks to her bare bum, which by now had turned a very deep red.  I thought that it might be over soon, but it just seemed to go on and on.



My cousin was bawling like mad and squirming every which was to try to avoid any more pain.  Her bottom took on the most deep crimson red colour I have ever seen.  Once again I started to feel really guilty watching all of this unfold.  I knew my parents probably would not have approved had they have been here.  They would have made me leave the room while my aunt disciplined her daughter.  I knew I shouldn’t be seeing a girl’s naked backside either, and it both made me feel bad but I also kind of liked it. 

SMACK!!     SMACK!!     SMACK!!    SMACK!!     SMACK!!

And with five of the hardest swats yet Aunt Carol finally stopped spanking her daughter.  


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