Sally’s Spanking

Disclaimer: All Spanking Stories on this site are fiction and are in no way meant to advocate the spanking of real children. My stories are meant to be read by individuals 18 years of age and older. If you are under 18 years old, please leave this site as it does contain some mature subject matter.

A spanking story by L. V. and HonestRespectfulGuy

Main character: Sally Whitfield, Age 14
Mother: Anna Whitfield
Neighbors: Betty Smith

Sally Whitfield walked home from school that day especially slowly. The fourteen-year-old was not normally so slow, but today she carried a graded science exam that gave her concern. Last night, when she should have been reviewing her notes and the textbook, she was socializing on the phone. And when her mother asked if she was fully ready, she lied and said that she was. Her attempts to make up the studying during English class almost got her in further trouble.

A shaking Sally stood at her front door trying to summon the courage to enter. As she entered into the kitchen she stopped dead in her tracks, her pretty mouth opening in surprise at seeing the haughty auburn haired wom­an seated at the kitchen table having tea with her mother. Then her fair skin col­ored hotly and she bit her lip, for she recog­nized the visitor as Betty Smith, the busybody neighbor who had witnessed her being humiliatingly spanked on two previous occasions. Indeed, while Betty genuinely enjoyed Anna Whitfield’s company, she also came hoping that Mrs. Whitfield would have reason to punish pretty Sally. The girl was so lovely and fresh and young, and her reactions were exquisitely satisfying to observe.

Sally was about five feet five inches in height, but appeared taller because of her delightfully long and supple legs. Her calves were slim and sinu­ous, and her thighs were long and slender but not without alluringly feminine rondure as they neared the promontories of her agile young bottom. Her hair was light brown and framed her face with bangs in the front. Her face was viva­cious and quite expressive, decorated with large soft blue eyes, a dainty nose and a soft sweet mouth. Her skin was a warm vivid pink and extremely sensitive when ministered to by her mother’s crisp, slim hand.

Sally tried to go straight to her bedroom and avoid talking to her mom while Mrs. Smith was there but her mom called her to come over, asking her about the test she had that day. Sally looked nervous, not wanting to answer her mother’s question in front of Mrs Smith. She has no desire to give this gossip something more to talk about.
“Well Sally” her mother said expectantly, “let me see your test please”. The girl blinked as a tear formed but didn’t move. Anna repeated “let me see your test young lady! Now!”

A thin smile appeared on the neighbor’s lips as she watched Mrs. Whitfield’s mounting vexation. “Really Sally,” she observed shaking her head, “you need to be more respectful to your mother.”

“Thank you Betty,” Mrs. Whitfield nodded to her friend. Her eyes swung back to Sally. “Do you want to get a spanking for disrespect, young lady?”

“No mom … please … I didn’t mean to ….”, Sally offered meekly as she nervously pulled out her test paper from her backpack and handed it over.

“A 72!” snapped her mother, eyes darting down the paper like a striking cobra, “”So *that’s* why you come skulking in late, young lady.  I should have known it!”  The storm in Anna Whitfield’s eyes was no longer brewing – it was breaking.  “You assured me that you had studied for this. This sure doesn’t look like you studied. Does it?”

The girl’s hands instinctively went to her back as if she was trying to protect her bottom. She cast her eyes downward. “I did study but I guess I could have studied harder. I’ll make it up on the next test.  I promise. I did feel really bad about this grade.”. 

Mrs. Whitfield was determinedly rolling up her left sleeve; the sleeve of her spanking arm.  “Well Sally Whitfield, you’re about to feel a whole lot worse. Take down your panties and get across my lap.”

“Please don’t give me a spanking mommy!” she begged “I promise I’ll-“.

“I promise you’ll have a very sore bottom for not studying sufficiently for your test. That’s my promise!” her mother countered.” Tell Mrs. Smith the rule in this family about studying for exams.”

Sally’s face colored hotly. “um … I either study hard … or I get sp … spanked hard.”

“That’s right Sally. And perhaps what you didn’t learn from your book and your notes you’ll learn over my knee. And, tonight we shall discuss how to deal with your misleading me about how well prepared you were.”

Something in the woman’s face told Sally that she could expect an even more severe spanking at bedtime. Despite the fact that she was accustomed to being spanked, the prospect of another spanking, likely with the hairbrush caused her to freeze.

“So that’s how you listen to me!” Mrs. Whitfield seethed. Up in an instant, Anna Whitfield had her daughter by the arm, hauling her over to the straight backed kitchen chair that she had pushed back from the table. The girl seemed stunned as her mother’s hands rushed under her skirt and grasped the waistband of her panties and yanked them down to mid-thigh.

“Please mommy … please … not here …

Anna Whitfield sat down heavily and pulled her daughter across her knee, cutting her plea short. Sally felt her skirt fly up behind her, and knew the fight was over.  Really, she knew it had been over before it had begun – when her mother and her schoolwork came into contact, she was spanked.  Soundly!

“Please mommy, not in front of her … “

“Stop that this instant Sally. Mrs. Smith has raised girls of her own, they were spanked and now they are very successful young ladies. So, you are going to get your spanking on your bare bottom, and Mrs. Smith is going to watch you getting it. Perhaps that will provide you sufficient incentive to prepare yourself for school.” As she spoke, Mrs. Whitfield adjusted Sally’s upturned jumper to frame her naked and vulnerable young rear.

Anna Whitfield proved as good as her word as the first enthusiastic spank landed loudly on poor Sally’s bare bottom, making her squeal from the sting of

it.  A second slap rang put crisply as the top of the other hip felt the impact of the chastening palm.  Momentarily, Sally’s buttocks tightened to diminish the shadowy mysterious cleft between the mounds of her lovely behind. There followed two equally stinging, noisy slaps to the base of each buttock, and then Anna paused to consider the condemned posterior before her.  She pulled the hips closer to provide further constraint against the girl’s expected agitated movements as the spanking became more painful.  Then, once again her left hand resumed its task, and each lower bottom-cheek received a stinging slap, drawing nervous little “Ooooohhhh’s” from the lovely young culprit.

Warmed to her task, her face intent, eyes narrowed, lips pressed tightly, the determined mother using her whole palm, concentrated all her strength into delivering each loud stinging slap.  Now the young girl’s attention was localized, and the knowledge that another person was watching her in this humiliating posture was thrust to the back of her mind. The smart burning blows made her whole body jerk fitfully, raising her head enough for Mrs. Smith to observe that her eyes were very wide and wet. 

Betty Smith, her body taut with absorption and suspense, followed each detail of the exquisite domestic discipline unfolding before her. Before long Miss Sally Whitfield burst into tears and cried very loudly as her mother’s hand went on slapping from cheek to cheek as though it would never stop. Eyes narrowed in grim determination, Mrs. Whitfield spanked all over the close set squirming buttocks with occasional visits to the upper thighs. With no set pattern of alternation between the globes or between buttocks and thighs, Sally was impelled to even more wriggling and squirming than was her normal custom.  Also her progression from gasps and groans to outright crying was accelerated, an understandable reaction to the increased pain and her particular shame at being spanked in front of Betty Smith.

At some point Anna paused the spanking but assured Sally that the reprieve was temporary. Betty Smith took the opportunity to express her approval of her friend’s parenting. “Anna it amazes me how many mothers seem to allow their daughters to sacrifice study time to socialize with their friends. I suppose they just can’t be bothered to administer proper discipline. Sally is lucky to have a mother who is so attentive and willing to help her excel.”

Anna blushed. “Why thank you Betty. That is so sweet of you. Sally is close to a straight A student and normally is diligent about her studies.”

“I know that,” assured Mrs. Smith. “You have given Sally a definite advantage over her peers. Kids learn by example and children today learn to be lazy from watching parents too lazy to even turn them over their knee and spank their bottoms to help them out with their schoolwork.”

“I never thought of it that way” chirped Anna. “So you’re saying that by spanking her for not giving sufficient attention to her studies, I’m impressing upon her how much I care about her success.”

“Precisely,” smiled Mrs. Smith.

That Anna Whitfield was indeed making a distinct impression on her daughter was amply evidenced by the steady if still soft crying and the tears that streamed generously down her cheeks. Addressing Sally, Mrs. Smith assured her that the spanking was for her own good. “Don’t you think that because you don’t like being spanked that you will think really hard twice the next time you are tempted to slack off on your studies?”

“Ye … yes ma’am” Sally concurred.

At that point, Betty Smith smiled and nodded to Anna in a manner that suggested her continued approval of the spanking. Anna acknowledged the gesture. Now, fully warmed to her task, her face intent, eyes narrowed, lips pressed tightly, Anna Whitfield, using her whole palm, concentrated all her strength into delivering each loud stinging slap.  Once more the young girl’s attention was localized, and the knowledge that a gossipy neighbor was watching her in this humiliating posture was thrust to the back of her mind. The smart burning blows made her whole body jerk fitfully, raising her head enough for Mrs. Smith to observe the hot tears streaming down the flushed face. 

Betty Smith, mouth dry, forehead burning as with fever and body taut with absorption and suspense, followed each detail of the exquisite domestic discipline. Now the girl’s soft sobs became progressively louder as her mother’s hand went on slapping from cheek to cheek as though it would never stop. Eyes narrowed in grim determination, Anna spanked all over the close set squirming buttocks with occasional visits to the upper thighs. With no set pattern of alternation between the globes or between buttocks and thighs, Sally was impelled to even more wriggling and squirming than was her normal custom.  And her progression from gasps and groans to outright crying was accelerated, an understandable reaction to the increased pain and her particular shame at being spanked in front of Mrs. Smith.

As the spanking progressed, Sally fought to keep in position, her left side pressed tightly up against her mother’s midsection, so that her body lay at a slight angle over the lap with her buttocks vulnerably and invidiously up-turned. Her hands waved helplessly in front of her while her loafer clad feet scissored from behind. These had shifted constantly during the progression of the spanking. Sometimes she crossed one slim ankle over the other, wriggling her feet as a particularly sharp slap made her catch her breath and gasp with the unpleasant discomfort generat­ed by the impact of her mother’s hand on her bare behind. Meanwhile, quite apart from the physi­cal impact of those blows, was the humiliating sound of her mother’s hand ringing out against her naked flesh, incessantly reminding  her that she was undergoing a punishment which most girls her age had left behind at the age of nine or ten.

Across the table, Betty Smith listened intently to the girl’s deep sobbing. Her eyes sparkled as she watched loafer shod feet kicking relentlessly at the floor, girlish fingers clawing at the air, blond tresses tossing about frantically as if trying to vent the anguish of her atrociously flaming rump through her flailing limbs. Despite these contortions, Sally’s hips remained relatively immobile, the reddened surface of her behind pulsating and gyrating wildly under that steadily smacking hand

As each successive spank added to the fires, the girl responded with the bitterest of sobbing. Her mother however had become hardened to this over the years so that now they went barely noted. It was the state of that taut behind mounted so immodestly atop her left thigh that governed her determination as to when the girl had had enough. Leaning a bit forward she focused the relentless stream of spanks down to the base of the current globe being spanked. Several spanks landed at the very base of the right buttock, the overlapped sting driving Sally to new heights of desperation. Anna Whitfield took pride in her ability to administer such a sound spanking and at the same time readily restrain the contorting body.

“Alright then,” she stated as she sat back in the chair and contemplated the effects of the spanking. Unable to control herself the crying girl continued to writhe on her lap as the gnawing burn from the spanks seemed to increase rather than diminish. Still hardened to her cause, the girl’s mother lectured her on her behavior. It was all the girl could do to answer pitifully with promises of obedience and be more diligent toward her schoolwork. A brief reminder of the hairbrush was enough to raise the girl’s voice a couple decibels with even more vigorous promises that she would be better. “I will Mommy …  oh please … I will … please Mommy … I’ll be a good girl … I promise.”

Finally, Anna Whitfield helped her daughter to her feet, holding tight to her arms to prevent her from reaching behind herself and enacting any fashion of soothing massage across her suffering behind. As her feet danced in a pathetic, sorrowful ballet, Anna expressed her ‘extreme disappointment’ with her behavior and informed her of her fate if she should ever again neglect her studies and then lie about it. “Now Sally, I’m going to release your arms and you are to use them to lift your skirt in back and show Mrs. Smith what a well spanked bottom you have.”

Weeping bitterly, heedless now of her humiliation before Betty Smith, the weeping girl grasped the hem of her pleated skirted and lofted it well above her waist, exposing all of her lower body. Her thighs were shivering and tremoring violently, and Betty Smith could see the dark brown muff between them. But now the scarlet bottom stood out so violently that her gaze was drawn to it and nothing else. At that point, Anna Whitfield led the girl a few steps to a corner, facing the wall. As Sally’s hands remained tightly clasped to her upturned skirt leaving her well-spanked rear on clear and obvious display, Anna attentively repositioned the white panties in a ring at mid-thigh, as if to emphasize the field of reddened flesh above.  

For a full ten minutes, the two women sat silently, absorbing the sounds of mournful crying and watched the rhythmic swaying of her soundly spanked behind. Periodically, meaningful glances and knowing smiles were exchanged but no words broke the solemnity of this ritual. Several times Mrs. Whitfield thought of having Sally turn around so she could see the sympathy and support in the eyes of her audience.

As her crying began to subside, Sally felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. Turning around she was surprised to see it was Betty Smith and not her mother. But the woman was smiling as she applied a tissue to Sally’s tear soaked eyes. “There, there Sally. Our punishment is over. And we’re both very proud of you. You took your spanking and did your corner time like a big girl. Now, you have my word that what happened here will not leave this room. You deserve that respect, Sally.” Whitfield.”

“Ohh … th … thank you, Mrs. Smith,” the girl responded trying to sound appreciative. And when the woman smiled and held wide her arms, Sally felt she had no choice but to accept the hug. And as the woman clasped her close, Sally shed copious tears upon the bosom of the neighbor she still detested. Finally, Mrs. Whitfield conducted the girl to her bedroom to finish her crying in private. Sally, still holding up her skirt, crawled onto the bed, deep sobs shaking her slender frame. Her hair was disordered. One fist clutched her bedspread in a knot. Anna watched her for five minutes by her nightstand clock. The girl’s sobbing slowed as she got her breathing under control; her temple rocking slowly against her soaked pillow. Anna sat on the bed’s edge. Gently, she patted her daughter’s trembling shoulder. Sally raised her hot face, her mouth open.

“Well,” Anna smiled, brushed a wet brown lock off the girl’s cheek, stroking the still heated skin. “1 hope that this will help you concentrate on your studies.” Anna bent and kissed her lightly; feeling the girl’s shivery relief. Sally took her mother’s hand in her cramped fingers. Her mouth kept quivering down at the corners when she tried to smile. She took a tissue from the nightstand and blew her nose. Breath whispered between her teeth as tears trickled down her salt-streaked face. Anna left the girl with a heartfelt, “I love you sweetie.”

An hour later, her tears fully dried, Sally began to think about the nightmare that had been this afternoon’s events.  She couldn’t help getting the image of Betty Smith’s smug expression out of her thoughts; it was almost as if the woman enjoyed watching Sally get spanked.  ‘What a dreadful woman that Betty Smith is’, Sally thought to herself.

Sally grabbed her Math and began to work on it.  As she worked through some of the equations, she remembered what her mother had said to her about getting a hairbrush spanking at bedtime.  Sally didn’t know how she could possibly take another spanking as her bottom was still very sore from her spanking this afternoon.  When her mom spanked her with the hairbrush it was often for something serious like lying or outright disobedience.   Her mother kept the hairbrush on her nightstand and Sally would often be made to go fetch it when she was to be given a hairbrush spanking.  Normally she would receive between 20 to 30 smacks with the hairbrush, but she didn’t usually get two spankings in the same day.  Sally rubbed her sore bottom, feeling how sore it still was from her afternoon spanking.  She was very much dreading an appointment with that horrible hairbrush; god that thing hurt!!

Sally was wracking her brain for ways to avoid getting a second spanking today, but was coming up empty.  She knew her mother hated being lied to and it was something she would not tolerate.  ‘Maybe I could fake not feeling well and then at the very least mommy would have to delay any further punishment’, Sally thought to herself.  After considering that thought for a moment, she decided it probably wasn’t such a good idea since her mother could usually see through her lies and that would make two lies, which would only make her spanking all the worse.  Worse yet, Betty Smith had mentioned about washing her mouth out with soap and her mother seemed to entertain the idea.  Sally’s mom had never used mouth soaping as a punishment before, but she had told her daughter about it and threatened it a couple times.  

Sally vividly remembered a time when her cousin Susan got her mouth washed out with soap by her mother, which was Sally’s Aunt Clare.  Now Aunt Clare was normally a very kind, loving aunt and mother, but she could be very strict at times and was not afraid to punish her kids even in front of other cousins and siblings.  ‘Poor Susan’, Sally thought to herself, remembering how she had been punished that day.  Remembering back to 2 years ago when this incident took place, Sally recalled how her cousin had been bossing all the other kids. When her mother asked to speak with her regarding some of the behavior she had reported to her by her brother Simon, she got very sassy with her mother.  The final straw broke when she swore at her mother, saying something to the effect of “mom, don’t be such a bitch.”

That had sealed her fate and Sally remembered her aunt springing into action at lightning speed, grabbing her cousin and delivering about five very hard smacks to Susan’s shorts and dragging her towards the washroom.  Sally followed them into the house as she had wanted a drink of water anyway, but, in truth, she wanted to know what was going to happen to her cousin.   As she had grabbed her drink of water from the kitchen, she could hear water running from the bathroom which was right next to the kitchen. 

Sally distinctly heard Susan’s mother saying “and now young lady, we are going to wash that mouth of yours out with soap”.  Sally sat down in the kitchen and intentionally listened to the sounds coming from the washroom.  “That’s it young lady bite down on that bar of soap”, she had heard her aunt say.  Her cousin must have gagged on the soap as she heard choking sounds at one point.  It went on like this for some time until eventually she heard Aunt Clare say, “ok, you can rinse and spit now young lady”.  Sally heard water running some more and sounds of her cousin spitting.

That had not been the end of the punishment for Susan though.  Any illusions that a mouth soaping would be her only punishment were quickly put to rest with what Sally had heard next.  As clear as day she heard her aunt say, “well, that deals with the swearing, but now we need to deal with you sassing me and all your attitude today and for that I think we better close this door as we don’t want the sounds of your spanking to disturb the whole house”.  Sally hadn’t realized the bathroom door had been open this whole time until she heard the distinct click as the door was shut tight.  Even with the door closed though, she had still heard her cousin begging not to be spanked, followed by one of the hardest spankings she had ever overheard. “Oh mommy, please don’t spank me; I promise it will never happen again”, Susan had begged her mother. 

Sally remembered there had been a straight backed wooden chair in the washroom as she had heard it being dragged across the floor, presumably to be placed in the middle of the washroom.  “Shorts and panties down young lady”, her mother had practically shouted. “Please don’t spank me mommy, please don’t spank me”, Susan had begged her mother, but to no avail. “Stop your stalling Susan, I am already angry enough with you, you don’t want to get me any angrier”, her mother’s stern voice could still be heard loud and clear.  Well her cousin must have obeyed her mother, because the next thing she heard was the dreaded “alright young lady, over my knees” command from her mother.  Sally remembered waiting with baited breath, heart pounding.  She felt bad for her cousin as she knew what it was like to be in this position. SMACK….SMACK….SMACK…the unmistakable sounds of a spanking soon filled the air and even with the bathroom door closed the sound of it was very loud.  The spanking was hard and steady and within less than ten seconds her cousin was crying and screaming her heart out. 

There wasn’t much in the way of scolding, just the steady rhythmic sounds of her aunt’s hand to her cousin’s bare bottom and the sounds of her cousin crying and screaming.  For 2 solid minutes her aunt spanked her cousin and Sally began to feel really bad for her cousin.  After the spanking had stopped she could still hear her cousin crying for another couple minutes.  Sally had headed back outside at this point to rejoin the other children.  She had wanted to ask her cousin about having her mouth washed out with soap as that was not something she had ever had done to her before, but decided not to as she didn’t want to embarrass her cousin.  She remembered feeling very sorry for her cousin, but also glad it wasn’t her that had gotten spanked on that occasion.

So with those memories playing in her mind, Sally very much hoped her mother wouldn’t decide to follow through with the mouth soaping.  She also hoped that maybe she could reason with her mom not to give her another spanking tonight.  She knew it wasn’t likely that her mother would make that concession, but still it was worth a try.

Sally did some of her homework and headed downstairs when she heard her mother calling her for supper.  Supper was one of her favorite meals, lasagna and she ate two large pieces plus a large helping of Caesar salad.  Conversation between Sally and her mother was pleasant at the table with no mention of her spanking or her impending bedtime hairbrush spanking.  Would her mother forget about giving her a bedtime spanking or was she just being nice and not bringing it up at the table? 

They talked about the upcoming weekend and their planned visit to her grandparents, which Sally was excited about.  She loved her grandparents and they loved her. They spoiled her too.  It wasn’t very often that she went there and her grandpa didn’t make or buy her something.  Grandma would often scold grandpa for spoiling the girl but they both loved her a lot.  Grandpa had even made her a tree fort in their backyard and it was super cool with a rope ladder and even a slide to escape out the back of it.  Sally was very much looking forward to going to visit her grandparents this weekend.

Dinner completed, Sally set about clearing the table and washing the dishes. She went upstairs to complete her homework and read a book. Around ten her mother entered the room and sat on the twin bed.

“Uh … hi Mommy” Sally said softly.

“I believe we have some unfinished business sweetie,” Anna smiled. “Please bring me your hairbrush.”

“Ohh … Mommy … please don’t… I’m really sorry.” But the darkening expression on her mother’s face told her that she best obey … and do so quickly. Sally nodded slowly and secured the hairbrush and brought it to the seated woman. Anna pointed to her lap and Sally, tears gathered in her eyes, placed herself in position. Feeling the back of her skirt being lifted and the smooth back of the hairbrush stroking her panties Sally tensed and moaned but lay there like a good girl. After several minutes, Anna stopped and told her daughter to get up.

“You see,” Anna smiled “how easy it is when you’re a good, obedient girl?” Sally nodded slowly. “You made some bad choices last night and this morning and for that you needed to be punished. So I spanked you and I did it in front of Mrs. Smith. And I was going to give you another spanking at bedtime. But to my surprise Mrs. Smith urged me to let you off.”

“She really did that?”

“She really did,” Mrs. Whitfield confirmed emphatically. “She said that, aside from her own girls, she had never seen another girl who showed such cooperation and maturity in taking her punishment. She was particularly impressed at how you stood before us after your spanking, continuing to hold up your skirt and how graciously you accepted her gesture of comfort. The dear woman virtually pleaded with me not to spank you again. I told her that I wouldn’t if you passed one more test. And you did!”

With those words and Anna’s broad smile, Sally could do naught but throw her arms around her mother’s neck and cover her face with kisses.

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