Why OTK is Best?

Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a bit of a contryversial topic to start with, but we have to start somewhere. There are many different positions a spanking can be given in; bent over with hands on knees, bent over with hands touching the ground, bent over with hands on a chair or some piece of furniture, like a couch or a bed.  You can also be made to lie on a bed for say a strapping.  This could be just lying down on the bed, face down, or have your bottom raised with pillows.  There are all kinds of benches that can be used in various ways, some with buckles and restraints for fashioning the person to.  And I haven’t even mentioned probably half of the positions that can be used for a spanking.  But the one that seems to be the most popular and is always the one that speaks the most to me is OTK (over the knee).  I know for myself, personally, there are a number of reasons that I prefer this position over all the others.  I like the submissive nature of the person being spanked, as they often have to submit themselves for a spanking.  I like that it puts the bottom as the primary focus.  I like that it allows for the spankee to not have to worry about keeping their position and they are free to squirm around more during a spanking, and it then becomes the spankers job to keep them in position.  But more important than all that, to me it is not the only position that seems like parental correction.  

I have heard it said that over the knee is the only position that feels like loving parental discipline, as opposed to some of the other positions, which feel more like militaristic discipline.  I like for me, that is why I hate things like switching and caning, because these, to me, seem much more militaristic and often brutal.  Now, I know there are girls out there that love being caned, but for me personally, I would much rather watch a girl get spanked over the knee.  Even if it is a harder spanking, it still seems like a more genuine spanking and not a beating.  Now, I know these girls aren’t getting beaten on their backs for instance, or that would constitute a beating and not corporal punishment.  It is just to me, the most purest form of corporal punishment is just a hard hand spanking, given with the person lying face down over the knees of the person giving the spanking.
I know I am not probably explaining this very well.  I guess it is somewhat hard to explain.  I don’t exactly know why over the knee is the only position that really speaks to me, I just know that it is.

What makes OTK our favorite position for a spanking? Or if you prefer another position, what position do you prefer and why?

Looking for hearing from people in the comments


  1. I have plenty of spanking stories I can share with you and members of the blog, if you would like.…

  2. The hairbrush is the one thing spankees most often rate as the most painful, even compared with the cane. This…


  1. I love a good OTK spanking, but the most common position that my husband places me in is face down on the bed. In our 40s, this is just the most physically comfortable for both of us (though, it is much less comfortable on my end as the spankee 🙂 ). I do love being turned over his knee though…it makes me feel much like my younger self.


  2. Hello Nora,

    And thank you for your kind words. I will admit to being very new to creating a website, but my passion for spanking cannot be contained anymore. I have been fascinated by the world of spanking for a very long time and it is such a part of me. I am actually very fascinated by the type of relationship you are in. Unfortunately, up until now my interest has mainly be fulfilled by reading and writing stories and watching spanking videos, and participating in other forums. Not that that is a bad thing, but I guess I am just wanting more. I am a bit younger than you, but I am super interested in getting into a Domestic Discipline or even a Female Lead Relationship. My problem is that I very much identify as a Switch and finding female partners that are also willing to do both can be difficult. I probably identify more as a Submissive, but I honestly hate the term Master.

    Can I ask, do you get spanked just for fun? Or does your husband spank you for discipline as well? Like I said, I am very fascinated by the dynamics of this kind of lifestyle. It is hard wired into me and I feel like it will be an important part of any serious future relationships.

    How did you come to discover you liked being spanked as an adult?

    Thanks again for checking out my website. I am trying my best to regularly update it; so look for more stories, blog posts, and reviews soon.



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